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A Vacation Home in Corsica

by Amy Azzarito

Apparently, we’re going to be rewarded by surviving this super cold winter with a scorching hot summer. When I can’t escape the city, I like to console myself with photos of other people’s vacation homes. (Glutton for punishment!). So I thought I’d start off the weekend with the kind of home that makes my heart skip a beat.

This beautiful home off the coast of Corsica is owned by graphic designer Paula Raché and Aart van Bezooyen, a Dutch optimist and motivator for materials in design. Originally built in 1975 by Paula’s grandparents as place to vacation away from Berlin each year, the home now serves as a space where the whole family can reconnect, relax and recharge. Aart and Paula decided to move in after traveling around the world together in 2011 to get a better understanding of sustainable design (and publishing a book about their journey). Inspired by the ocean and their home’s many levels (which reminded them of a ship), Paula and Aart created a retro-meets-maritime feel inside their summer home by using portholes, hawsers and rope as walkway railing. We love the way the ship-inspired detail blend with the home’s original 70s palette of orange and dark wood. It’s truly a blend of retro and contemporary that reflects the home’s history and the new generation that now calls it home. –Amy

Photography by Aart van Bezooyen

Images above: Paula’s grandfather had this home and his home in Berlin built by architect Heinz Schudnagies. This is the home’s living room. The upper level serves as a secondary living room and guest room that can be “closed” with curtains.

All text below is in Paula’s words


Image above: One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home is this rattan hanging chair on the mid-level.

Image above: My grandfather was very fond of ships. He collected ship models, but as you can see here also maritime decorations like portholes and hawsers.

Image above: With all this orange, it’s no wonder why a Dutch guy like Aart feels right at home here. However, orange is not one of my favorite colors.

Iʼm very fond of this 3D map of Corsica on the wall. My grandfather decorated it with small models of ships, surfboards, a lighthouse and this house.

Image above: The bedroom is after the bathroom and is the only separate room in the whole house. What is quite smart about this room is that it is on the same level as the bathroom, so you donʼt have to climb stairs at night. The bedside lamp, cushion and even the curtains in this room are made of the same fabric and were handmade by my grandmother. There is also a fireplace in the living room, which is important in colder seasons, as the house has no other heating source (houses rarely have heating here on Corsica).


Image above: There it is…the sea! Absolutely the best part about this house is its location above sea level with a great view. In summer we open up the two angle terrace doors for some fresh breeze. Also the garden is great. We love to spend time outside. The estate is supposed to be around 800 sq, but still it’s quite a jungle. Of course there is always something to do (repair, renovate, paint, work in the garden etc.) but we love to do some hands on work and DIY

Image above: The terrace seems dark because of the big palm tree which was planted forty years ago. But in summer we’re glad about to have this shadowy escape because the island gets quite hot and dry. There is no better place to hang a hammock, lie in the shadow and enjoy the sea view.

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