24 Hours in Baltimore with Andrea Pippins

by Grace Bonney

Our D*S Baltimore City Guide is one of the most popular guides we’ve ever run. I think it had a lot to do with it being written by two D*S team members, Anne Ditmeyer and Felice Cleveland. Anne and Felice loved their city so much that it was impossible to miss the passion with which they wrote that in-depth guide. Since their original version, we’ve updated the guide with new spots and some sad closings, but today I’m thrilled to show the city of Baltimore even more love, courtesy of Andrea Pippins.

Andrea is a designer, teacher, illustrator, diversity advocate and the blogger behind Fly Girl. I’ve been following her site ever since Rena Tom told me I should be reading it way back in 2006. Andrea’s passion for the creative community is infectious, and I’m so glad to see it extend to an excitement for her home base of Baltimore. Today she’s sharing her 24 Hour Guide to Baltimore – her must-sees for a quick stop in town, a good bite to eat and some beautiful places to visit. Thanks, Andrea! xo, grace

Illustration by David Saracino

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8 am: Usually, my Sundays are made for sleeping in and catching a little Super Soul Sunday. But when the weather is nice and warm, Sunday mornings are perfect to hit the Baltimore Farmers’ Market. It’s one of the most popular outdoor markets in the city, and because of its unique vendors (like Zeke’s Coffee, the Gogo’s Retread Threads vintage clothing bus, and In A Pickle) it gets pretty packed. So I try to get there early before the lines get too long. I like to grab flowers for the week, pickles or fun sweets to snack on, or artwork.

Baltimore Farmer’s Market

11 am: After prowling around the market for a bit, I start to feel hungry, which means it’s time for brunch (my favorite meal). The Food Market in Hampden is great for savory dishes like lobster fingers, crab cake and shrimp club, or a simple crab cake sandwich. Love!

1 pm: With a full stomach, I resist the need for a nap (it’s Sunday!) and do a little browsing/window-shopping while in the Hampden neighborhood. Some of my favorite shops in Baltimore are here. I like to peek in Trohv for stationery goods and gifts. Caravanserai is where I go to stock up on bangles and textiles from India (and where I purchased my favorite kantha quilt jacket), and Hunting Ground for fun vintage finds and pieces from local designers. Across the street from Hunting Ground one can find Atomic Books, a great bookstore for zines, obscure publications and cool art/design reads.

Caravanserai in Baltimore

2 pm: For an afternoon pick-me-up after all that walking and shopping, I make my way to Artifact Coffee for coffee and a molasses cookie (this cookie is so delicious). This coffee shop is super quaint and cozy. I love going there for meetings or to link up with a friend.

Artifact Coffee in Baltimore

3 pm: I stop by the Spur Gallery to take a peek at the latest exhibition. Spur is an award-winning design and illustration studio in the Hampden neighborhood, and they are always showcasing amazing talent in their beautiful gallery space.

4 pm: Just before an early dinner I make my way back to The Avenue (36th Street in Hampden) to check out a few more antique and vintage shops. David’s on The Avenue is a favorite for the great furniture finds at low prices.

6 pm: Dinner at Woodberry Kitchen is always a treat. This cozy restaurant is popular here in Bmore, so you always have to make a reservation, or expect to have a really long wait to be seated. I love getting their oysters, scallops and flatbreads. Their Gov’t Mule cocktail is delicious. Everything at Woodberry is local/regional and super fresh.

8:30 pm: I meet friends for cocktails at WC Harlan, a tiny speakeasy-like bar with old school handcrafted drinks.

Other fun spots:

Art + Design
Baltimore Print Studios
Galerie Myrtis
American Visionary Museum
Case[werks] Gallery
Sub Basement Artist Studios

Performance + Events Spaces
The Windup Space
The Creative Alliance (great music events, exhibitions, talks and parties)

Coffee + Sweets
Charmington’s (a cute coffee shop)
Lamill Coffee (my favorite coffee shop in Bmore)
The Bun Shop

Red Emma’s (great bookstore)
The Book Thing (great place to drop off unwanted books and pick up some – for free – for your home library)

Eat + Drink
City Cafe (really good eats)
Ryleigh’s Oyster (good oyster bar specials)
Oceanaire (love their happy hour specials, their shrimp and grits dish is delicious!)
Minato Sushi Bar (good sushi but great martini specials on Wednesdays)
Paper Moon Diner (good breakfast food)
Sip + Bite (love this place for late-night eats)

Hunting Ground in Baltimore

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  • This should probably be called “24 Hours in Hampden/North Baltimore” but it’s a cute little guide that represents my ‘hood very nicely nonetheless!

  • This is such a restricted view of my beautiful, expansive, varied city. Artifact and Woodberry are right next to each other, run by the same people, and share some of the same staff. Hampden is a great place but if the idea is to showcase the city, this makes it seem closed in.

  • I haven’t lived in Baltimore for years, but this is a paltry offering of what that city holds. Yes, Hampden is loads of fun, but what of Fed Hill? Little Italy? Charles Village and Locust Point? What of the amazing Museums and funky dives?

    -Joe^2 Pizza is mind blowing.
    -Carma’s cafe in Charles Village has yogurt so good I’d drive up from DC just to buy a quart every couple months.
    -Brewer’s Art has a super cool basement bar, and amazing food upstairs.
    -Miss Shirley’s. Brunch.
    -The ethnic food near Mt. Vernon square (Indian, Afghan, Thai, etc.) is as good as any, and better than most.


    I’m sorry if I come off as a bit extreme, but Baltimore is a treasure of American history, with a solid group of makers hoping to reclaim the city and cast it in a better light. If we tell people there’s only one place to go–be it Hampden, Hopkins, or the Inner Harbor–they’ll continue fearing what’s left.

    • Liberty

      Please see the description above- this is a MINI guide, intended as a small focused 24 hour visit. We have a full guide to Baltimore already (which is linked in the post above) that covers most of what you mention.


  • Growing up in DC we used to drive to Baltimore frequently, always enjoyed it so much plus it will always be , to me , Wallis Simpson’s hometown, the woman who brought down a king.

  • 36th AVENUE? You mean 36th St.
    Mini guide, indeed. 24 hour trip or not, it would be nice to get out of one neighborhood. When I visit Nashville, I certainly don’t stay on Broadway.
    Lovely images, though!

  • These articles are so interesting – I never would have found Housewerks or Home Anthology, or Second Chance Inc. without the earlier Baltimore edition:

    I would love a City Guide – Resources Edition series: a list of non-chain, home decor & DIY resources. For a particular locale, where can I find beautiful textiles, trim, wallpaper, hardware, lighting, unique hardware, architectural salvage, etc.? Are there other stores like Austin’s Spruce in the Baltimore/DC area? I’d like to know where to find a decent reupholster-er for those projects that are too hard to take on myself, or someone that can help me restore the paintings I score on eBay.

    I don’t work in the design world and it’s hard for this mom in the burbs to find the unique resources for all the things design blogs like yours inspire me to tackle.

  • I loved this guide! It definitely makes me want to explore Baltimore and the places that Andrea mentioned. I’m all about a cute, local coffee shop and WC Harlan sounds amazing!

  • I’m bookmarking. I’m from Baltimore also, but rarely explore when I’m visiting family. Now I’m inspired to go look around a bit more!! Caravanserai will be my first stop!

  • Not only am I a current Baltimore resident (I moved here from NYC, Greenpoint in fact, to attend graduate school at MICA), but I was sitting one table over from Andrea Pippins in Artifact a few weeks back when those photographs were taken. I was wondering what the shoot was for, and now I know!

    Just as an aside, Baltimore is an EXTREMELY varied city with as many wonderful places to live, eat, shop, work, and wander as there are deep seeded socio-economic problems. I’d also like to add that it’s an incredible place to be a young artist right now (and not just within the MICA community). Everyone has their own best version of the city they live in, but I do think people tend to get especially hyped up when Baltimore is portrayed in certain ways that could read as narrow (whether positive or negative) simply because it’s such a commonly misunderstood city.

    That said, I think this was a lovely guide (“mini-guide”, as clearly stated)! This is pretty much the itinerary when friends visit from out of town, but also exactly the day I have planned for myself when I finish my dissertation and can be a human again. Thanks Andrea + Grace!

  • I go to the Farmer’s market every Sunday. The food there is absolutely phenomenal. I always buy my breakfast there of either biscuits and bacon from Blacksauce or omelettes and lunch at The Mushroom Stand since that is the only place I can buy portobello mushroom quinoa salad. It’s too die for! You don’t need to go anywhere else for brunch when you hit the farmer’s market!

  • Excellent update! The comments made me read the original 2011 Baltimore Guide, which is very comprehensive. The entire city is truly a creative hotbed!

  • I love Andrea and love seeing her 24 hours here!! I will have to go to Baltimore some day! I’ve only been to the acquarium!

  • She very well could have been walking. How could you expect someone to visit other areas all over the city in one afternoon? I think it sounds like a great relaxing Sunday! The perfect day!

  • Love love love Woodberry Kitchen, so glad you included it!! I was born in B-more, and I appreciate this look at it from a Yuppie/Hipster perspective.

  • My husband and I took a trip to Baltimore last spring and our top three places were Woodberry Kitchen, Artifast and TROHV. Thanks for the recommendations, I’m very excited to try some new places out next time we are there.

  • The texidermy animal and big cat skin on the floor in the boutique are heartbreaking. Killing innocent creatures is not interior design, it’s ignorant and hateful.

    Otherwise, thank you for the great post. I just bookmarked Ms. Pippin’s blog – what a talented woman!

  • Having gone to college in Baltimore I never got to fully experience all the city has to offer and miss what the city offers now. I have been to some of places she mentioned and excited to go to new places (sister lives there now working at Hopkins). Thanks for helping me look back.

  • I am taking a trip with my boyfriend this October, I can’t wait to try some of these spots! Any suggestions for events that only happen in October?