City Guide: Bozeman, MT

by Stephanie

City Guide: Bozeman, MT

Today’s Bozeman, MT City Guide comes to us from Everything Golden shop owner, Mariah Palmer.  A mountain woman to the core, she grew up in Idaho, spent some time in Colorado and is now settled and so much in love with Bozeman, MT. When she is not running her online store, she can also be found blogging about independent art, design, style, wild places and animals and anything that inspires.  Here, she shares her love for this special mountain town, filled with good beer, good eats and independent art and music. Thank you so much for this guide, Mariah! —Stephanie

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Bozeman. MT City Guide photos by Mariah Palmer

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Dave’s Sushi – My favorite thing about this place is it’s laid back feel which is rare in sushi restaurants. You can stop in after a day on the mountain, still in your ski pants and enjoy a PBR and some sushi. Perfect.

Blackbird – If you feel like styling it up a bit, head over to Blackbird for some local, fresh Italian cuisine, great wine and wood-fired pizza.

Ale Works – A staple in Bozeman. A tried-and-true place to recharge after a day in the mountains.

Nova Cafe – My favorite place to go for breakfast or lunch. Fresh, local and yummy.

Lockhorn Cider – A new and very welcomed cider house with a great social/community feel.

Wild Crumb – Artisan bread and pastries that are out of this world! I always go here when I feel like being good to myself.

Wild Joe’s Coffee – Local and always lively.

The Co-op Downtown – A great place to grab snacks for your adventures, or stay and eat an easy, fresh and always delicious meal.

Bozeman. MT City Guide


Head West – A new and used clothing store with a western flare. The best part about this shop is their downstairs basement which is filled with vintage clothing including some authentic western gems.

Vargo’s Jazz City and Books- The best bookstore ever. Period. If you love jazz and blues, you must visit. There is also a huge collection of new and used vinyl as well as the best collection of cards and postcards.

Tart – Local, handcrafted clothing, accessories and original art. I never fail to find the perfect gift here.

The Emerson Center for Arts and Culture – This place is so rich with character. It was an old school that was turned into an arts and culture center. Here you can explore art galleries, eat at the delicious Emerson Grill, see some music or an independent film at the theatre and check out all the fabulous artists’ work spaces. Everything Golden’s studio is here, so stop by and say hi if you’re in the area.

Pinecreek Lodge – A very special music venue tucked away against the Absaroka Range. Get out and get lost in some live music.

Boiling River – Sit in a warm flowing river while hopefully watching bison and elk wander around you, it doesn’t get much better than this. Located just inside the NW Entrance of Yellowstone National Park (you can ask a park ranger for directions when you enter).

Norris Hot Springs– A relaxing and fun place to soak, listen to live music, eat yummy local food and drink good beer. You can also camp here.

Chico – You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time. This historic resort has everything you could dream of… a hot springs pool with access to the bar, excellent food, a spa, live music and lodging.

Bridger Bowl Ski Resort – I really appreciate the community, laid back feel of this resort. No extravagance here, just excellent terrain and great people. It’s also fun to hike and ski just before and after the open season.

Bozeman. MT City Guide


Howlers Inn – I’ve always wanted to stay here. This bed and breakfast is also a wolf sanctuary set up to house and care for captive-bred wolves who cannot be released into the wild.

Camp at Hyalite – If you like camping, head up to Hyalite Reservoir, about 30 minutes outside of town for stunning views, plenty of campsites and great hikes.

Forest Service Cabins– Rent a rustic cabin and really get away from it all.

Bozeman. MT City Guide


John Mayer – Recording artist and producer

Jim Harrison – An American author known for his poetry, fiction, essays about the outdoors and food

David Quammen – Science writer and explorer

Heather McPhie – Olympic freestyle mogul skier

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  • As a Bozeman native and long-time DS reader, my breath caught when I saw this! Yes to all of these suggestions, especially Dave’s Sushi and Chico!

  • Don’t forget to get the cowgirl banana bread french toast at the very colorful and atmospheric Cateye Cafe!

    • Hi GrewUpInMT,

      A quick internet search is saying it’s “Absaroka Range” and “Absarokee” as a town name. Is Absorkee different?


      • Yes, Absorkee is a town, but not really all that close to Bozeman. Beartooth-Absaroka refers to the range and the wilderness area in Paradise Valley, just outside of Livingston, MT.

        As for pronunciation… I’ve heard Absorka, Absorkee, and a hundred things in between…. Good luck! :)

    • Absarokee is a town in Stillwater county MT, south of Columbus. Locals pronounce
      “Ab sorky”.
      The mountains are called Absaroka, as is the Absaroka Beartooth wilderness, and we pronounce those “ab sa ro kas” OR “Ab sorkas”.
      The words derive from what the native Crow Indians call themselves.

      Both the town and the mountains are a few hours from both Bozeman and Yellowstone national park (a short distance in vast Montana), and definitely worth a visit.

  • Great timing! I’m headed there in a few weeks! Looking forward to exploring the area.

  • Love Bozeman! Grew up in West Yellowstone and Bozeman was always the “big city” to me. The downtown area is the best. Park and walk around. I visit once a year in August for the Sweet Pea Festival. Love the suggestions most are new to me. Cheers!

  • Usual suspects…. Chico, yes (best shuffleboard in MT). Dave’s, it’s good but no Seattle or even Denver for that matter. Getting out of town is your best bet..

  • Ah! So happy to see this one! I grew up in Bozeman across the street from the Emerson for 10 years. Im not even sure whats still there, its been so long since I’ve been back, but you also have to mention the Leaf & Bean cafe on main, Cactus Records, and The Root clothing; all within a few blocks of each other. The Pickle Barrel is great for sandwiches too! Both the old theaters on Main are also amazing, i hope they are still around.

    • The Leaf and Bean sadly has closed but others you mention are still kicking and still great.

  • I visited Bozeman last summer after my best friend had just moved there. I was so impressed with the food scene there, it’s local, fresh, organic, farm-to-table and ranch-to-table (because they are all so close by). Happy to see some the places I visited on this list!

  • This post made me so happy! As a current resident of Bozeman it was so fun to see my favorite places as must see stops. I couldn’t agree more :)

  • Howlers Inn is fantastic! My husband and I stayed there on a trip through the Rockies for our second wedding anniversary. One of the best bed and breakfasts we’ve been to, and the hosts are super nice!

  • Thanks so much to Mariah for including tart art in this fabulous list of Bozeman highlights! Both of the artists in the 3rd photo are actually from Bozeman as well – Kelly and Mark Harro of Homespun Harros made the animal prints and Suzi and Brian White of Ferrous Wheel Design made the trophy head.

  • Absarokee is a small town tucked in the mountains near Bozeman. It is pronounced AbSOREkey. The Absaroka Mountain Range is named because absaroka means crow, I believe pronounced absalookie by the Crow. The Beartooth Mountain Range which can be seen near Bozeman is named because they look like bear’s teeth. They are also known as the Crazy Woman Mountains after an actual woman who wandered the mountains during the time Jeremiah Johnson lived in them.

  • I know this is quite late and unlikely to get a reply, but any idea if dogs are also allowed to stay at the forest service cabins? I’m unable to find anything on the forest service site (or elsewhere) about it. Thanks!