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After The Jump: Productivity Tips + Ways to Avoid Procrastination

by Grace Bonney

This week’s radio show was a reader request: tips for beating procrastination and being more productive. I think it’s safe to say that all of us struggle with productivity, time-management and procrastination at one point or another. While most of us know how to “get things done” in the deadline sense of the of the word, most us also want to find a way to avoid those last-minute situations and get work done on a schedule that feels calmer and more in control.

I used to be a master of procrastination, but lately I feel proud of being able to push through that feeling a bit more often and get things done bit by bit. I also feel like I’ve gotten better at getting to the bottom of why I’m procrastinating about something, so I can work through those feelings and finish the job. I think the key for all of these work productivity problems is finding what works best for you, right now. Instead of “one solution fits all problems”, today’s show will give you a wide range of ideas, tips, techniques and ideas to help power through your procrastination issues and find ways to work smarter and more naturally to fit your ideal work style. Today’s show will include tips like:

  • Starting Early + How to Make the Most of Weekends (without giving up your personal life)
  • Ways to ‘Always Be Learning’ (so you stay on top of helpful tools)
  • Embracing Time Blocks
  • Combine Like Tasks
  • Turn ‘No Fun’ Tasks Into Easy, Learned Behavior
  • How To Take Time To Think Big Picture

Julia joined me on air this week as well, to share her ideas and perspective on pushing through huge blocks of work. She and I have slightly different working styles, so her insight on how to make these tips work for many different working needs are incredibly helpful. If you have trusted tips we didn’t cover here today, please feel free to share them in the comment section below! xo, grace

LISTEN: You can download the podcast on iTunes here, or stream it here on Heritage Radio

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  • This was another incredibly useful podcast. Loving the dual perspective in these Grace & Julia episodes. I too write tasks on my to-do list that have already been completed, as well as things that can be accomplished in a snap (and hardly need to be included on the list) – it’s very encouraging.

  • I might be procrastinating at work listening to this, oops! But I loved, it, the hardest part for me is usually getting started, you’re inspiring me to get through some work I do not enjoy and am stuck on at the moment, which reminds me, one way to get things done is ASK FOR HELP, even when it’s hard to ask. Sometimes it’s necessary and you can get so much more done.

  • So glad I found these podcasts. I feel like I’ve struck gold. They fulfill some sort of void I have in me after graduating and entering the workforce for years now…a reminder that I can continue to grow.

  • I always look forward to tuning in each Friday after a long work week, usually while crafting or, quite fittingly, yesterday while paying bills. Indeed, these podcasts are my absolute favorite Design*Sponge feature! Grace, in addition to the your great insight and fun banter with guests, your voice is so upbeat and pleasant. I especially enjoy the episodes with you and Julia because your complimentary, respectful dynamic is so clear and sweet to hear. :-)

  • I’d love to read more posts about productivity on Design Sponge, but am not big on podcasts- I tried to listen, but I’m not much for auditory learning, and ended up tuning out. This isn’t intended as criticism, because obviously it’s meant to be a podcast (I can’t listen to talk radio, either- it’s not you, it’s me), but I would have been super excited to have read a blog post here about productivity, tips and tricks, jump starting creativity, etc.

  • Thank you so much Grace and Julia! This podcast came at a perfect time. I love the 10 minute trick. I’ve already put it to use :) So simple yet powerful. Thanks again!!

  • This is going to sound like a gushy fan letter, but hey, that’s ok.
    I just found “after the jump.” I know, I’m behind on all things super cool.

    I just wanted to write to tell you how much I love it. I’ve been listening to it daily, taking mental notes while I drive to work and scribbling down what inspired me most about each episode when I get to my desk. At a time in my life where I’m (eek) taking the leap to run my own business, “after the jump” has been a perfect copilot as I navigate this new adventure. THANK YOU GRACE for offering up advice in this simple, approachable form. And for making me feel like there’s this big, amazing network of ladies gettin’ it done out here in the big bad. (and that I don’t have to know it all right away.)

    What you’re putting out into the world is helping at least one teeny business. I appreciate you and all the guests you pull in to help me build an empire, one little bit of inspiration at a time.

    (Gushy fan letter complete :) THANK YOU.)

  • It’s such a rad song. Definitely my taste but totally new to me. So excited to check them out, so thanks!