After the Jump: Making + Maintaining International Connections

by Grace Bonney

The greatest luxury of my job has always been being able to work alongside the people I admire most – from incredible designers and writers to photographers and travelers. And Anne Ditmeyer is all of those. I’ve been fortunate to work with Anne for over six years and watch her go from thinking about living in France to being a full-time resident for four years while growing her blog, business and classes into an international success.

If there’s one thing Anne does better than anyone else I know (and there are many more things she does phenomenally well), it’s bravely making (and maintaining) international connections. From professional partnerships to creating new friends and support systems abroad, Anne knows the ins and outs of turning social and online connections into real relationships. In today’s show she’ll reveal her tips and secrets for:

  • How and When to Live vs. Work Abroad
  • How Anne turned Online Connections into Opportunities
  • The Perfect Way to Ask For Help or Create a Connection (through Email and Social Media)
  • How to Maintain Connections for Lasting Relationships
  • How to Navigate Cultural Differences
  • Her Favorite Places to Shop, Eat and Visit Abroad and At Home.

Thanks so much to Anne for joining me on-air and thank you for listening! xo, grace

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  • I just listened to this episode and am totally sold on Skillshare! I do a lot of traveling for work and would love to connect with folks on the road while learning a new skill. Silly question–from the Skillshare videos it looks like there are some in-person classes but on the website I can only find online classes. Am I missing something? How do I connect with classes per city?

  • What great timing for this episode! I’m in the process of moving from California to Berlin to set up shop as writer/blogger. Making friends and connections in advance is high on my to-do list, but I never thought of using Vayable and newsletters as a way to do that. Thanks for posting!

  • Great advice and I couldn’t agree more that these connections do take time. I took Anne’s map class- which I learned about here – and really loved it, and since then, several other Skillshare classes. So far, her class was still the best! Thanks for sharing this info!