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In The Kitchen With: Our Favorite Breakfast Recipes

by Kristina Gill

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and among breakfast offerings, I love savory breakfast foods.  Since December, I have spent a small fortune on breakfast in the West Village, taking a long time to consume cappuccinos and wonderfully, artery-clogging buttered toast and eggs.  When I am back in Rome, savory breakfast is one of the things I miss most.  I’ve been traveling quite a bit since late November and haven’t gotten back into a week-morning routine that will allow me to enjoy a slow breakfast, but on the weekends – especially Sunday – I try to allow myself the time to enjoy a nice hot breakfast with a good cup of tea.  This week, I have gone through our archives to find our best savory breakfast posts.  I’ve put a few sweet ones in for the sweet teeth out there.  –Kristina

Above and below, photographer Stacy Newgent shared her secret for the best french toast and crispy bacon.  This is my ideal breakfast!  Coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice included!  See more great breakfast ideas after the jump!


Click through for all of our favorite breakfast recipes after the jump!


Above: Prop stylist Martha Bernabe shared the most beautiful gluten-free pumpkin pancakes with us a few years ago. I never seem to be able to get my pancakes this perfect, but this recipe is certainly quite the incentive to try.

Food stylist Dani Fisher and writer and educator Lauren Markham have begun a cookbook project to share recipes of women who have resettled in the United States. The sweet Somali flatbread, malawah, and spiced milk tea were staples for Halimo, a Somali refugee who has resettled with her daughters in the Bay Area. This egg-based crepe was a morning staple for Halimo and her family in the Dadaab refugee camp.

Food author and activist Bryant Terry specializes in vegan food. His recipe for pan-fried grit cakes were a hit in my house for two reasons: they taste great and they are the perfect, almost-hands-off make ahead food. Bryant’s recipe called for spring onions, but anything from the family will do. I used very small leeks to make mine. Bryant’s new book will be out soon. Can’t wait to see what he has been cooking!

I have worked with a few people who are just crazy about crumpets. Whenever I go to England they always ask me to bring them back a package or two in my suitcase. Now I have Rachel Khoo’s recipe for crumpets and fruit curd and I can surprise my friends with fresh homemade crumpets. Cast iron skillet/griddle necessary!

Carrie and Andrew Purcell shared a savory recipe for crispy ham and cheese breakfast polenta (with greens!) which sounds very Euro-chic, but in fact, in the South, we’ve done it for decades. I am always happy when southern dishes become very popular because it increases the chance of finding a little taste of home on breakfast and brunch menus anywhere you go around the country.

Cupcake Wars winner Kyra Bussanich offers a range of gluten-free baked goods at her bakery in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We got a taste of just how good her gluten-free pound cake really is a few months ago. This cake comes together in a flash and keeps well. It is perfect toasted with butter and preserves, or just plain. Be careful, it is addictive!

Amanda Hesser, award-winning cookbook author, former food editor of the Times Magazine, and co-founder of Food52, took us back to basics with her baked eggs. Something so simple is sometimes the best option for breakfast. Add a little toast for good measure.

The next three entries are for sandwiches, just perfect if you need to have your breakfast on the go!

Lara Ferroni’s book Put an Egg on It is all about eggs. Her Monte Cristo sandwich with a fried egg, goat cheese and preserves is a wonderful indulgence layered with salty and sweet for those occasions when calories don’t matter.

British food photographer Charlotte Tolhurst’s chorizo with fried egg and sage pesto sandwich looks so good, I think I, too, will be making it this weekend. I often get ideas for sandwiches when I get back from my weekly bakery run on Saturdays with fresh bread rolls.

A couple of weeks ago, my craving for a ham, egg, and basil sandwich that I ate in London in late November led me to share the recipe here on the column. I am not normally a fan of mayonnaise, or baked ham, but the flavors all come together on this sandwich wonderfully. So much so, it is one of my favorite sandwiches.

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  • fancy! i love a good nice brekkie with on the weekends. even if its just sourdough slathered with butter and Vegemite! they go so well together. but don’t spread it on like Nutella. just a little smear.
    And crumpets! their readily available here in the supermarket for about $1.99 for 6. they’re so yummy with butter and honey!