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DS Office Makeover: The Reveal!

by Grace Bonney

After a lot of work, cleaning, organizing and pairing-down of props, the back-half of our office is finally ready to see the light of day! Instead of the terrifying heap of craft supplies and maze of boxes and equipment, we now have a clean (and beautiful) space to work, craft and have team meetings. Not only are we happy about it, but I’m pretty sure all of our team dogs jumped for joy to see that they now have a new clean space to nose-around in and a new rug to nap on.

Our original goal with this back half of the office was to make it feel like it’s own little room-within-a-room. None of us had ever had the privilege of working in an open studio space this large before, so we really wanted to find a way to create small rooms within our space so it felt more cozy and more manageable. Home Decorator’s Collection offered to spearhead the project and gave us some great pieces we used to create our team meeting and lunch spot and we had fun customizing those pieces (some gold spray paint here, a little white paint there) to make them fit the style of the office.

Designer Amanda Gorski of Homepolish was kind enough to step in and help us pull it all together- she convinced me the space could handle a bold wallpaper so we picked a pattern that then informed the entire space- from the new wall color to re-painted pipes in the ceiling. We couldn’t be happier with the final result and we’re so excited to share our new space on the site today! xo, grace

Photos by Maxwell Tielman

Click through for our full source list and more photos after the jump!

This post is brought to you by Home Decorators Collection, an exclusive décor brand of The Home Depot.

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Complete source list:

-Wallpaper: Eskayel’s ‘The Dance’ in Olive
-Mirrors: DIY by Kate Pruitt
-Storage (standing and floor): Ikea Pax Cabinets and Ikea Akurum Cabinets with Ikea butcherblock tops
-Lighting: Home Decorator Collection’s Wire Five-Light Pendant (broken up into single pendants and spray painted gold)
-Paint: Walls are Benjamin Moore “Half Moon Crest” and Pipes are Benjamin Moore ” ”
-Floors: Rug is Home Decorator Collection’s Braided Jute Rug
-Table: Home Decorator Collection’s Industrial Empire Pub Table (top painted white)
-Seating: Home Decorator Collection’s Garden Backless Stool in White
-Sheepskins: Ikea RENS
-Tabletop: Candleholders (Home Decorator Collection’s Hunt Candle Holders, some spraypainted gold), Home Decorator Collection’s Luxe Moderne Hexagon Tray, Home Decorator Collection’s Venezia Champagne Glasses, Teapot and cups from Falcon Enamel.
-Barn Door: Custom made from salvaged wood by Brooklyn Home Company
-Vintage pieces: Demijohn with branches (found at Brimfield), Bird Bookends (found on Etsy), metal trays and various desktop accessories.

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  • Looks great! Love the wallpaper. Is it comfortable to sit on those stools though? Looks like you have bar stools with a counter height table. Normally you would want 26″ high (to the seat) stools with a 36″ high table.

  • Amanda was so right–the space wears that wallpaper so well. My favorite detail is still the exposed bulb birdcage pendants, but the color combo of blue and brass works so well too.

    Now I want macarons.

  • Are you guys going to share the DIY for the mirrors? I have been trying to find the perfect mirror for over my mantel and have come up with nothing so far!

  • Those mirrors! The shape, color, placement – I love it all.

    Can we have a DIY post on those, please? Are they completely from scratch? Or just updated?

  • GORGEOUS space! I want to hang out and drink tea from that gorgeous enamel teapot! Is there a link/tutorial for the hexagonal mirrors? Love them! Great job:)

  • Hm, yeah, I was going to ask whether those stools are actually the right height. Everyone looks like they’re hunching and leaning a lot. Comfort over style, I say, especially in a working environment.

  • Oh gosh, it looks fantastic! Thought I find I’m more comfortable typing from a chair with a back, I bet the stools are perfect for various other projects that come your way.

  • I hope that you also have desks, or that you spend very little time on the computer. This design seems radically un-ergonomic, at least for computer work. Love the wallpaper, though. Do you really nibble on macaroons and sip champagne while you work?

    • UC

      This is the back half of the office- not the whole thing. This back nook is where we do tabletop shoots, eat lunch and get a break from our regular desk- which is a very long work table at the other end of the studio. You can see photos of it in our earlier makeover “before” posts.

      Champagne and macaroons are not a regular occurrence, but when you finally clean up a disastrous part of your office, it calls for celebration ;)


  • Wow, wow, wow. The wallpaper is my favourite element, with the light fixtures an awfully close 2nd. We need stools at our island and while the backless ones look better, I do think the backrest goes a long way to keeping things comfy :)

  • I’m curious about how you’re using the space (or other parts of the office) for more storage–is it just that a spiffier ‘back room’ inspires neatness, or are you using the cabinets differently?

    Stool height, meh, standing desks are all the rage anyway :-)

    • hi monica!

      we didn’t have the standing cabinets before (we did have the tall pax cabinets, though). so we’re using those to organize our tabletop props (plates, glasses, napkins, etc.) this area now serves as our staging area for tabletop shoots, as well as our lunch spot so we don’t dirty our work table (something that was happening a lot). ;)


  • love it so much! the patterned focal wall is perfect, and i love the shiny placed on top. i certainly hope you’re planning on sharing that mirror diy! hooray for such an inspirational place to work!

  • This looks so amazing- what an awesome space to work in! All the colors and textures just work so well together. Incredible wallpaper.

  • Thanks, Grace. I recently upgraded to an office space with room for a table separate from my computer desk for lunches/meetings and it makes such a difference!

  • I really hate to post this because I don’t want to come across as the “ergonomic police” but working in an office for hours on end bent over like that on high stools makes me cringe. As a C5, C6, C7 disc sufferer :) Sigh. I suppose dreamy officescapes are for the young. And flexible ;)

  • I’m going to have to agree with the other three commentators who want a tutorial for the mirrors. bring it on!