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DIY Project: Simple Magazine Holder

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes my favorite DIY projects are the simplest ones. Emma Noréhn from Design and Form created this clever magazine holder for us that uses only a few supplies and takes just a moment to make. Rather than bulking magazines together, Emma’s project is all about highlighting a favorite magazine or two that you’re currently reading. Just gather a few quick supplies and you’ve got a new hanging magazine display in a jiff! Thanks so much to Emma for sharing this with us! xo, grace

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-Black spray paint
-An empty container (I used an old powder case)
-A candle
-Leather string
-Screws or nails
-A wooden ball



Start by heating the screw or nail, holding it with your pliers. Make two small holes by pressing the heated screw against the plastic. One on the side of the container and one on the bottom. CAUTION: The screw gets extremely hot and you’ll want to do this in a well aired room (heated plastic can make a terrible smell).


When the holes are done, spray the container with spray paint. When that is dry, slide the leather string trough the hole on the side and make a knot on it.


You can hide the excess string located above the knot inside the container in case you want to extend it later.


You can slide the other end of the string through the wooden ball and make a knot.


Then just put the lid on the container and your magazine holder is done!


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