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DIY Project: China Pattern Pillows

by Natalie Stopka

DesignSponge DIY China Print Pillows
You can easily bring a bit of cottage charm to your linens by adding an elegant china pattern motif. Using antique serveware patterns (or your family’s own china pattern), you can create a stencil that instantly updates your kitchen or bed linens with a blue and white makeover. I created a template you can download for this project, but this idea can easily be expanded to accommodate more intricate patterns and multiple colors. –Natalie

Photo above by Maxwell Tielman

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-Stencil (you can download Natalie’s right here)
-bed or kitchen linens, pre-washed and dried
-fabric paint, such as Jacquard Textile Colors card stock or acetate
-utility knife
-self-healing mat
-paper or plastic to protect your work surface
-paint or sponge brushes
-iron & board

d_s china 2.1


Drawing inspiration from Stanley Pottery’s Touraine pattern, this 3-part stencil is sketched in three colors. Print three copies to the size you like on card stock or paper. Use a sharp utility knife and self-healing mat to cut one of the colored areas from each copy. For a more durable stencil, tape a piece of acetate over the paper and cut the stencils from that.

d_s china 2.2

Cover your work surface with a protective layer of paper or plastic. If you are printing on a pillowcase, place several sheets of paper or plastic inside the pillowcase to prevent the fabric paint from seeping through.

Place the first layer of the stencil (it doesn’t matter which) over the fabric and secure with tape. Mix your fabric paint to the desired shade. Using a stippling motion with a paint or sponge brush, fill all the negative areas of the stencil with fabric paint. Repeat with the remaining two stencil layers.

d_s china 2.4
d_s china 2.5

Remove the final stencil and use a fine brush to soften the pattern’s edges and add small details.

Allow the stenciled pattern to dry fully, then heat set according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

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