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Biz Ladies: 3 More Ways to Build Your Newsletter List

by Stephanie

liz lockard

Today’s Biz Ladies post comes to us from Liz Lockard, an analytics and conversion nut who loves helping small businesses get more of the right kind of traffic and turn more of that traffic into subscribers and sales. Today she offers some insight on three, sometimes overlooked, tools for building your newsletter list. Thank you, Liz, for sharing these resources! —Stephanie

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Do you have an email list that you’re growing for your business?

You know that thing that YOU actually own – not like your Facebook fans or your Pinterest followers that Facebook or Pinterest could – at any moment – just decide to make it harder for you to reach them?

Or are you still stuck in one of these 10 barriers to getting started with email marketing?

If you’re still not a believer, believe this:

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has a return on investment of 4,300%.


That means for every 1 dollar you invest in email marketing, the Direct Marketing Association expects you would earn $43 (on average).

That’s crazypants, right?

So let’s get started with growing that puppy of an email list for you, shall we?

You may have heard about a lot of different ways to grow your email list, but here are 3 I bet you haven’t heard of before:

#1 – Have In-Person Customers? There’s an app for that.

No – seriously. There’s an app you can use to sign up in-store customers to your email list.

Check out this one from MailChimp. It’s called Chimpadeedoo. (adorable, right?)

It lets you collect subscriber information – even if you’re not connected to the internet. Have a tradeshow exhibitor spot coming up? Tired of having to decipher people’s handwriting from your in-store list?

If you have a tablet (Android or Apple), then problem solved.

#2 – Have a new opt-in incentive? Put a banner up.

What do I mean by opt-in incentive? I mean a little bribe for getting people on to your email list.

Something like a discount off my purchase? A la some Etsy sellers.

Or maybe a tool for better understanding your customers? A la Tara Gentile.

Or maybe a free download of your book? A la Erika Lyremark.

How do you put a “banner” up to announce it?

By banner, I mean a Hello Bar.

Grow Your Email List

The Hello Bar is a little drop down banner that you can set up for your site with a simple copy-and-paste coding.

The bar “pushes” down your site to display the one-line ad you’ve created to advertise your incentive and links to the page where people can opt-in.

I don’t use these all the time because I find people start to ignore them but I do use them to advertise anything new.

#3 – Make It Easy for People Who Are Already Giving You Their Email Address

Have a contact form on your site?

Or a blog comments section?

Or how about when people buy from you?

A lot of these people would also be interested in hearing from you in your newsletter.

In any of these places, you could add a checkbox (that is default checked) to also subscribe.

Talk about low-hanging fruit.

What about you?

Have a creative way you use to build your list? Find this post useful? Share with us in the comments!


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