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After the Jump: Learning to Right Your Wrongs

by Grace Bonney

One of the things I’m most grateful for these days is having a place to discuss business and life issues on a regular basis. The last year and a half of running a radio show has been an absolute gift. It’s given me a place to talk to and learn from the people I admire most and connect with people in our community to talk about serious issues. Whether it’s figuring out work/life balance, learning how to live the life you want or finding better ways to be a healthier business owner, this show has given me a place to work out and sort through issues and hurdles I’m dealing with in my own life. Writing and working on these episodes has been as helpful for me as it thankfully seems to have been for those of you listening.

Today I’m tackling a topic I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of: learning to right your wrongs. Inspired by a gap I’ve been feeling in the community, I’m tackling the issue today of what we’re taught to be perfect, rather than taught to be comfortable with- and good at- accepting mistakes and making up for them. I feel so strongly that women in particular are taught to never “do the wrong thing”, so as to avoid upsetting anyone. But instead, we end up becoming people-pleasers AND still have people being upset with us. The bottom line is: you can’t control how people view you, react to you or feel about you. So instead of trying to be perfect, perhaps the best use of our time is learning how to be gracious when apologizing, how to maturely accept when we’re wrong and to become more comfortable with the idea of being whole human beings (and business owners) who make mistakes, but who can learn from them and apologize when necessary.

This episode deals with the bigger issues surrounding this issue, but also gives you concrete tips for learning to admit when you’re wrong, how to apologize, how to mend fences and how to use those mistakes to improve your efficiency and effectiveness as a business owner and person. I plan on doing much more with this topic, but today is just the jumping off point. I hope you’ll enjoy the show and please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below. xo, grace

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  • Such an important topic! Sometimes the mistake isn’t inter-personal but still needs to be recognized and remedied. After many years in a major metro area, we left for quiet and lower population density in a rural New England college town. Loved it for a while, then slowly realized we’d gone too far in the opposite direction. We’ve finally admitted this isn’t our forever place and are planning for another move that will give us less house and yard and more city. Wish we’d been ready to fix this mistake sooner.

  • I’m a fan of this podcast, and I love the episodes that have to do with work-life. :) They’ve been very useful to me and I’m not in the design industry. Lots of good tips and reminders for things like leadership, productivity… and just being better at whatever you want to do.

  • Hi Grace,
    I wanted to stop in quickly to thank you so much for doing these podcasts. I discovered them a couple of weeks ago and have listened to dozens. You ask really interesting, authentic questions of your guests. I thought this week’s podcast was particularly strong and a few of the comments you made about recovering from perfectionism really struck home for me. I want more! Can you recommend a good book or two on the subject – something you’ve read that really spoke to you? Thanks.

  • Hi Grace,
    As some one who has fallen in to the roll of “boss” at a small business, your podcast has been a huge help. You briefly mentioned management in this episode and it got me thinking: I would love if you devoted an entire episode to lessons learned about managing your employees. I never want to be that “boss” that I hated working for! But where to start?