10 Creative Ceilings

by Amy Azzarito

When I’m walking around New York (and am not in a rush), one of my favorite things to do is to look up. There are building details – even little houses on top of buildings – that I often miss when I’m running around. It’s also easy to forget to look up in your own house. But it’s a lot of design square footage just waiting for a little creativity.  So I pulled some ideas for making over the ceiling. What is your favorite? The black ceiling is calling my name. –Amy

Image above: Butterfly ceiling installation in fashion designer Jenni Kayne’s home. What a great idea for a DIY. Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

ceiling med
Image above: This decorative ceiling medallion is a stencil available from etsy

See all the ceiling ideas after the jump!

Image above: A nail head ceiling created using a cardboard template, nail head strips and a lot of patience. See the full how-to

Image above: Two wood ceiling options from the same house. A home in Hudson Valley designed by the Jersey Ice Cream Co . See the full house tour here.

Image above: A simple way to bring some drama into a room. Paint the ceiling black and add an over-sized medallion. See what the room looked like before.

Image above: Try a strip that runs from the wall to ceiling. See what this room looked like before.

Image above: A simple graphic pattern adds decorative detail to a hallway ceiling. See the before!

Image above: To make a huge impact in their plain Jane living room, this homeowner added huge wood beams. To get a sense of the transformation, check out the before.

Image above: Paint is not the only solution for a ceiling. Try decoupage. See the full how-to.

Image above: Stripes on a nursery ceiling. See what this room looked like before!

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  • I love the butterflies! I wish I could get a closer look at them.

    I’m trying now to think of a non-butterfly motif you could do something similar with . . . Maybe birds or flowers? Or sea life?

    I suddenly fear I might have weekend plans from which one of my ceilings will not emerge unscathed. :)