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DIY Project: Pipe + Leather Wine Rack

by Grace Bonney

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Our apartment has few storage options, so we usually just keep our wine on the counter or tucked away above the refrigerator. But for those special bottles that I want to keep out for entertaining, I thought a unique pipe wine rack could do double duty for more storage and for a fun, conversational piece to spruce up our bar. If you are a sucker for pipe projects and all things leather like me, you’ll want to give this one a try. It’s quick, easy and perfect for entertaining. –Molly

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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1/2 pvc piping (7 or 8 of the smaller size should do it)
8, 1/2 inch 3-way side outlets
4, 1/2 inch 4-way tee outlets
6, 1/2 tee outlets
pipe cutter
spray paint with primer
scissors or rotary cutter
rotary leather punch

pipe + leather wine rack 01


1. Cut the piping down to your three sizes. You need:

-9, 7″ pieces for the depth
-8, 4.5″ pieces for the width
-12, 4.75″ pieces for the height

pipe + leather wine rack 02

2. Attach your piping and the corner pieces together and make your shape. Secure the piping into the corners as tightly as you can. If it’s not straight, press down on the uneven corners until it is.

pipe + leather wine rack 03

3. Once secure and stable, spray paint the base. Let dry and do a second coat.

pipe + leather wine rack 04

4. Cut your leather down to 4 pieces measuring 1″ thick x 34″ long.

pipe + leather wine rack 05

5. Loop each end of the leather pieces 3 – 3.5″ down, fold and make holes in both pieces using the rotary puncher. You can also use a first piece of leather as a template so you can skip measuring where to place your holes.

6. Attach to the base, and clip in the grommets. Without a hard surface to secure the grommets in place, use your grommet kit as much as you can — we ended up using two hammers against each other to finish tightening.

pipe + leather wine rack 06
pipe + leather wine rack 07

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  • Cool idea! I really like the thought of cradling wine bottles in flaps of leather.
    It looks nice, but I’m not entirely sold on the materials. A wood or metal base with leather would really age with a nice patina.

  • Curious: what is the interesting-looking bottle behind the Reyka in the first photo?

  • While I agree this would look pretty awesome with copper pipes, that would cost significantly more money to execute. Thanks for sharing this affordable and inventive option!!

  • Furthering DIY options, wooden dowels (stained maybe) with copper pipe joints! That’d look snazzy.
    Thanks for the ideas!!

  • This is boss. I’ll be making a few out of copper for housewarming gifts.

    To those of you who think the copper will be ridiculous, you can get 10 feet of 1/2 tubing for just over 10 smackers at HD. That’s almost the same price as PVC + spraypaint for plastic– which I’d use in this case for PVC. So then you’re just looking at the extra money going into the elbow thingies.

  • Sara, I recognise that ‘interesting looking’ bottle- it’s Portuguese Port. My family brought me back some that looks identical last summer, with the white, sprayed-painted letters on green glass. If you can get your hands on some, drink it chilled over ice.