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DIY Project: Fabric Pyramid Bookends

by Grace Bonney

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - 3
I have an insatiable love of fabric. A well-designed textile is a piece of art that can bring so much depth and mood to a room. Sometimes I feel as if there just aren’t enough uses for fabrics in any given room. Combine that with my husband’s (cliche, I would argue) disdain for accent pillows, and it means that I’m always looking for creative and non-traditional ways to put fabric to use in my home. Today’s project fits the bill. A little fabric, some beginner-level sewing, and a kitchen staple make for a set of bookends that are both unique and sculptural. –Mandy Pellegrin

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - 2

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Fabric Pyramid Bookends - Materials
-two 13″ x 9″ cuts of fabric (I used Anne Kelle’s Remix Triangles in Black by Robert Kaufman)
-rice or beans
-pillow stuffing

-sewing machine


1. With right sides facing, fold the rectangle in half lengthwise to align the two 9″ edges, and sew them together.

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - Step 1

2. Turn the fabric “tube” right-side out.

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - Step 2

3. Fold the edges of one of the openings in about 1/2″, and stitch shut.

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - Step 3a
Fabric Pyramid Bookends - Step 3b

4. Fill the fabric pouch about 1/3 of the way full with rice or beans or just anything to weigh it down. Fill the remainder with pillow stuffing.

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - Step 4

5. Fold the edges of the remaining opening in about 1/2″ shut, pin in place, and stitch shut, such that the seam is perpendicular to the previous one.

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - Step 5

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - 4

Fabric Pyramid Bookends - 1

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  • Love these! It’s so hard to find decent bookends, and I love the idea of fabricating my own. Pinning this immediately and they are going straight to the top of my Make Next list.

  • I’ve been trying to find an eco-friendly, non-off basing book end that doesn’t cost a fortune! These are perfect! I love to sew and I’m also obsessed with triangles. :)

  • These would also make great door stops – it’s now on my to-do list. Thanks!

  • So embarrassed. I cant follow simple instructions. Fold the who? I have to re-read this because I really need to make these.

  • Brilliant! Thanks for sharing, great use of the fabric scraps I have laying around

  • I love them. I am considering making them as door stoppers as well, maybe with a rounded bottom.

  • I love me a good design sponge tutorial however….TWO pieces at 13″x9″ is HUGE and not as triangular as id hoped. Im almost certain this is a mistake please forgive me if im wrong- suited perhaps for TWO doorstops? ONE piece at 16″x9″ is enough for either two bookends (if so I cut this piece in two measuring now 9″x4.5″ each-following step one this will give you approx. a square after seam adjustments) or leave as 16″x 9″ for one nice size doorstop. I’ve tested this and made both options. It gave me a great looking pyramid such as yours with relatively even sides. Of course my first thought was wowzers that gold vase and them books are rather large! Measurement with factors of 2 also helped.

  • I just made these in 20 minutes tops! So far so good, used measurements in directions with 1/2″ seam allowance for all seams and it came out the perfect size, any smaller and I think they would have a hard time holding up books.

    TIP: don’t over fill with rice/beans like I did, makes it hard to sew because the pyramid doesn’t give any when trying to push through sewing machine.

  • I am going to try to do this but instead of using pillow stuffing I am going to use recycled plastic bags. I am a peace corps volunteer and not sure I can find pillow stuffing easily without opening a pillow. Stores love to give out plastic bags here so I have those in abundance.

    Do you think it will impact the quality drastically?

  • Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally found some awesome bookends to make for my bedroom shelves. Thank you so much!!!