A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life of Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop

by Grace Bonney

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Have you ever admired someone from afar and had a feeling that you’d be friends if you knew each other in real life? I have that (insane) feeling about Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner (they seem so nice! We’re all Southern!) but I’ve always had it, in a more realistic way, about Christine Schmidt from Yellow Owl Workshop. I’ve been a fan of her work and the way she runs her business for a long time. I’ve admired the way she’s grown her business while keeping creativity and fun at the center of everything. Getting a peek inside her daily life was just as fun and interesting as I expected and I hope you’ll all enjoy this little snapshot of her work life as much as we did. xo, grace

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7:15 Emmy wakes us up. Mom-of-the-year caves to high-chair related tantrum and lets her spill off-brand cheerios everywhere while leaving sharp scissors within tiny hand’s reach.

8:30 Pack Emmy’s cliche lunch and get her ready for Silvia our stellar nanny we share with another family. Clean up desk/kitchen table kitchen for photo shoot. Although I have a studio, I prefer to work alone at home and THIS is what my “office” usually looks like.

9:20 Gals from One Kings Lane come by for an interview and photoshoot. They are all very cool but I am awkward and stiff when getting my picture taken. Remember good posture takes off 10 lbs.

10:06 Paint a watercolor sheet and cut up some shapes for process shots depicting my work habits.

11:45 The One Kings Lane Artisinal sale includes the Carve-a-stamp kit so I carve one up a for OKL editor Aly’s daughter. I feel less self-conscious and more relaxed when I am working.

1:00 Call my book editor to discuss new book ideas as I walk the dogs. I am preoccupied so I let Calvin keep this street treasure. Proposal I wrote needs a different angle. Back to the drawing board.

2:30 Proof box dielines and labels for new stencil kits. Typo on the back of one label. Introducing a new product line is risky and expensive. GULP.

3:00 Take a work break to make sample of new Stencil Kit tote bags for upcoming trade shows. Excited to be making a product I designed and sourced for 6 months.

4:30 Mail lady brings be this eBay score from Columbia. ebay phone app is dangerous but this is officially a work expense. Evan- I swear!! Call Maria at the studio to check assembly and packing of outgoing orders.

5:30 Rare night out. Walk to meet Evan at Latin American Club for drinks. Pernod with rocks and water. Only 30 minutes of work talk is allowed. Dinner at Beretta is next.

9:00 Walk up the hill towards home and discover Emmy awake way past bedtime. Secretly psyched to snuggle a bit before tucking her in. We watch “Burning Love” on iPad until my eyelids get heavy. Tomorrow is Saturday and even though deadlines demand work tomorrow, I am very lucky. Goodnight!


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