10 Second Studio Tour

10 Second Shop Tour: Nunu Chocolates

by Maxwell Tielman

Okay—confession time. Every November, you will find me donning chunky sweaters and winter jackets with glee—brightly embracing the shorter days, crisp air, and snowy weather of winter. Every time the seasons change like this, I typically greet them with similar fanfare, my human desire for the new kicking into overdrive. “Winter is just the best!!” I might exclaim. Well, fast forward a couple of months, and you’ll find me grumpily buried under layers upon layers of blankets in my apartment, kicking myself for making such naive proclamations. If you’ve had the pleasure of living on the east coast these past few weeks, you know that pretty much everybody is sick to death of this icy, slippery, slushy winter weather. This is why, I can only assume, Valentine’s Day was so strategically placed at this time of year. This is the exact time of year—those painful dark months between winter’s chilly onset and the glorious beginnings of spring—that calories, most specifically in the form of chocolate, are so essential.

Luckily for me, I live just a few short blocks from Nunu Chocolates, a delightful little chocolate shop/cafe in Downtown Brooklyn. With cozy seating spaces, an on-site chocolate-making kitchen, and booze-inspired flavors like Absinthe, this tiny spot is the perfect place to escape from the harsh chills of February and, perhaps, pick up some sweet treats for your significant other! Last week, Nunu Chocolates was kind enough to open their kitchen doors for us and let us snap a few photos of their amazing, drool-inducing process. I’ll tell you, watching molten chocolate form into delicious, bite-sized treats is a wonderful way to forget about the cold! —Max

Above: Nunu Chocolates on a segment of Food Curated.

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