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13 Creative + Clever Home Offices

by Grace Bonney

Working from home can be a double-edged sword. It sounds wonderful: Stay at home, work in your pajamas, take breaks whenever you want. But in reality, it often turns into a situation where you find yourself working way longer hours than you would at an actual office. There you are, laptop in hand, covered in Dorito dust, (maybe that’s just me) and while you enjoy the luxury of working on the couch, you realize you need a proper work space. At one point I had a proper office at home, but it was never able to integrate into the rest of the house in a way that worked. The chairs and details were always too “worky” to blend into the other rooms without standing out. So I did a little research and found some great examples online and from our Sneak Peek archives that show great ways to integrate home and work a bit more seamlessly. I know not everyone wants to blend work and life so cleanly (some separation is definitely nice), but if you’re working from home or starting a business from home, it’s nice to have a clearly defined space where you can put your headphones on and get down to work business. I hope these creative examples inspire you to make your own work space a more creative and creatively-inspiring area. xo, grace

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Image above: The Library House by Jessica Helgerson. Oh that chair and rug. Photos by Lincoln Barbour

Image above: I love the idea of a wooden theme in a home office, like this one from Marie Claire Maison. It makes things feel a bit more natural and less plastic/work/supply-land.

Image above: Olga Naiman’s gorgeous home office. I love the pink and red curtains to soften up a work space.

Image above: I love the pipe shelving used in Tara & Percy’s home office

Image above: A simple curtain turns a small space into an insta-office in Emma Cassi’s home. The vintage card catalog is a more homey way to store office goods, too.

Image above: I love the way this Country Living home office creates a double desk situation without cramming people together in too little space. The butcher roll on the outside is beautiful, too. The lights are all homey rather than too task-style, as well.

Image above: Probably my favorite home office ever, from Blueprint Magazine (I miss you, BP). Oh those little pompom fringe curtains – they make any tiny closet office look adorable.

Image above: Casey at Fossil got clever and turned a sideways door into a wall hanging and covered her file cabinet in wallpaper to help it blend in.

Image above: The barn home in this NY Times/T Magazine story was beautiful, but this dining table-turned-desk made a home work space feel much more lived-in and welcoming.

Image above: Laura Nelson’s beautiful home office makes fabric scraps double as soft wall decor – helping the space blend in more seamlessly to the surrounding home.

Image above: This homeowner painted their simple shelf brackets gold and it instantly makes them feel more like regular interior shelving than office shelving. via Fresh Home

Image above: Simple Ikea trestle legs get a butcherblock top that makes them both functional as a desk, but blend in better as a regular table. Project by Cecilies Lykke

Image above: I love the idea of an old locker in a home office, as long as it’s a bit worn in and matches the rest of the home’s patina. This image is from Hus & Hem.

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  • Thank you for this! I am currently transitioning to working from home and have my office space in our bedroom. Its great to see so many other office spaces looking great and practical in a home environment!

  • Eliza, BP mag was owned by Martha Stewart, so it is one in the same. I miss it too.

  • Thanks for the inspiration, so many super ideas. I love the enamel bucket for paper rolls.

  • I could happily work in many of these stylish office spaces, my favorite has to be Country Living’s Home Office, the brick wall, the large workspace with room enough for two, and the vintage vibe! Love it!

  • I made a standing desk out of an old kitchen island (for the desk surface) and a small old card catalog (to raise up the printer). It works well and blends in with the rest of my home office but I would like more inspiration. Can you show some pictures of standing desks that look cool in a home office context?

  • I love the designs. Most of them are modern designs with a touch of classical design. They’re just great combinations for an office space design at home. This is definitely recommendable to all those looking for an office space design in the internet. Good Job