10 Second Studio Tour

10 Second Studio Tour: Nicolette Owen & Fay Andrada

by Maxwell Tielman

This week, The Atlantic published an article called “The End of The College Roommate.” Outlining the collegiate trend of single-person suites, the piece laments the loss of valuable, social experiences gained from sharing a space. Indeed, although roommates can be one of the banes of the college (and even post-college) experience, they are not without their benefits. From providing lessons in sharing to helping combat the loneliness that accompanies hours of work, a roommate can, despite all of its perceived annoyances, be pretty awesome. After college, many of us are eager to shed our shaking-up ways, but for some, the idea of sharing a space is a welcome one—especially for artists and designers, those creative souls who benefit handily from a person to bounce ideas off of.

Just ask Nicolette Owen and Fay Andrada, two creative Brooklynites who share a studio space in Williamsburg. Although Nicolette spends her days creating floral designs and Fay spends hers crafting  jewelry, the two have made cohabitation work, their studio a melting pot of ideas and endless beauty. We recently popped by Nicolette and Fay’s studio and the two were kind enough to take us through their space and their creative process. Check out the studio tour above or see some of our outtakes after the jump! —Max

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