10 Second Studio Tour

10 Second Shop Tour: Fishs Eddy

by Maxwell Tielman

Fishs Eddy, located on the corner of Broadway and 19th in Manhattan, is a china shop like no other. Unfussy, overflowing with color, and (quite literally) filled to the rafters with retro-chic wares, this charming store is an endless, bountiful feast for the senses. From the classic glassware and brightly-colored linens that fill the store’s shelves to the kitsch-tastic oil portraits hung intermittently around its walls, the unabashedly nostalgic vibe cultivated by Fishs Eddy is equal parts Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol and Bazooka Joe.  I, for one, have been an avid Fishs Eddy fan for what seems like ages, popping into the store any time I find myself in the Union Square neighborhood. This is why it was such a treat when Fishs Eddy’s ebullient founder, Julie Gaines, took us on a guided tour through the shop and its adjoining offices. The immense passion that drives the Fishs Eddy team is a thrill to behold, their love for their products and their jobs is intensely infectious.  I couldn’t help but feel matching awe and excitement each time Julie gleefully showed off a piece from her vintage china collection or opened a dusty folder containing old catalogue spreads. It is this wonderful passion, I think, that has made Fishs Eddy’s products so delightful and its shop such a timeless New York treasure. Check out the tour above or some of our outtakes after the jump! —Max

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  • Ooooo! I love Fish’s Eddy! Thank you for featuring them! When going into their shop, it’s obvious that the people there have a love of what they do. Very inspiring!

  • COLLAPSING with love for all that they have and do. Can’t wait to visit next time I’m in NYC!

  • There’s an outlet on Staten Island, too. I haven’t been there for a while, but I remember them being more of the restaurant overstock stuff than anything.

  • I love this place, as soon as I moved out of NYC and had enough space/money for a real set of dishes, I ordered from Fish’s Eddy. Cute stuff, my only complaint is that there is not enough of it… they do short runs of the prints.

  • One of my favorite places in the whole wide world. We always stop in whenever we’re in the city, and around Christmastime, it seems that everyone seems to get a present from fish’s eddy (including ourselves.) Such a treat to see they had a booth at the Brimfield Antiques fair this July! Scooped up some of my favorite old patterns and some of their decor real quick! Thanks for sharing their greatness!!

  • Kill two birds with one stone–Fish’s Eddy and ABC Carpet and Home down the block! What gems.

  • What are the books/ledgers stacked up in the one photo? Are those part of the merch or part of the store’s history…? Just curious. Thanks for this piece!

  • Now I know where one of my stops will be next time I’m in the Union Square area in the city! (plus, of course, The Strand Bookstore!)

  • I received a set of wine glasses by them for Christmas and absolutely adore them. Now I want everything they make, such great quality!

  • I LOVE Fishs Eddy, they were the first place I put on our wedding registry. :) I used to live in NYC, and I really miss being able to drop in the store. Thanks for the tour!