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10 Habits of Healthy and Happy Business Owners

by Grace Bonney

This week’s radio show is the second-to-last in this season’s Work/Life theme. I feel like I’ve been reading post after post about the difficulty of being a happy and healthy business owner, so today I decided to share my Top 10 Habits of Healthy and Happy Business Owners. I’ve read just about every business article and book I can get my hands on about being a healthy and balanced business owner (and person) and today’s show culls together the best tips from trusted sources and business owners and the things I know work best for me in my own life. From giving yourself workplace variations and nurturing your “opposite” self to staying inspired and learning to embrace the “brain dump“, these tips are things I stand by, do in my daily life and truly believe in. I hope they’ll be helpful for you in finding your version of a happy, healthy and balanced business* life. [Image above from Asia Gwis’ office] xo, grace

*This advice is completely applicable to people without businesses, too. Learning to be healthy and balanced and protect your mind from burnout is an important lesson for everyone.

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  • Hi,
    Oh my goodness these are wonderful tips, and i really identify with them, as I have just recently started my business.
    I would like to humbly offer this suggestion: please please SLOW DOWN when you are speaking. You have a great voice and I love listening to your thoughts but it sounds like you drank 5 cups of coffee before beginning.
    I am definitely going to check out your other podcasts.

    Thank you!

  • How did I just learn that you have a podcast? This was a great list – some good reminders along with things I hadn’t really thought of before. Nurture your opposite! Make a list at the end of every day (and have a better evening)! Helpful and inspiring. Thanks.

  • I’ve been loving this new theme approach to the podcast. I especially love the reminder in this one to go surround yourself with different types of people who can inspire and support you (and to thank them!)

  • Thank you Grace! Such great themes on all of your podcasts lately. I really appreciate the advice you give and taking the time to share it with us.