Human/House/Harvey: Silver

by Stephanie

Human House Harvey: Silver and Landfill Dogs
It’s a brand spanking new and shiny 2014, y’all, and that definitely calls for some bling! This past year was full of some “shining” moments for sure, and I am more than confident that 2014 will offer some major sparkle too. So for the first Human/House/Harvey post of the new year, I thought I’d round up some favorite silver goods for myself, my home and my pup.

HUMAN – Believe it or not, I was a skater girl back in the day. My uniform of choice was a band tee, striped tube socks and my checkered-printed, slip-on Vans. While I’ve only progressed slightly in my style (tube socks are out), I can’t help but fall for these metallic silver skate shoes.

HOUSE – Finding the right display piece for a shelf, table top, or credenza has always been a tricky process for me. I can never seem to locate the perfect blend of useful and beautiful, without being another piece of clutter, until I came upon this gorgeous silver-lined stone bowl. Simply lovely.

HARVEYThis metallic silver zipper collar has just enough edge for Harvey to pull off a bit of the biker look at the dog park and on our daily walks.


For an extra New Year’s bonus, I thought I’d share a fantastic photography project I came upon over the holidays that truly “shines.” Photographer Mary Shannon Johnstone has captured the beauty and grace of adoptable dogs in Raleigh, NC while photographing them in the local landfill. Landfill Dogs is one of those projects that reminds me, once again, that what may seem like “waste” to one person, is a true treasure to another.

Human House Harvey: Silver and Landfill Dogs

Human House Harvey: Silver and Landfill Dogs

Human House Harvey: Silver and Landfill Dogs

Human House Harvey: Silver and Landfill Dogs

You can find more information the dogs that are available for adoption right HERE.

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  • thanks for sharing the pet rescue website and pics. :) You never know who’s life might change because you shared it :)

  • I want a dog so bad. I can’t take on the responsibility with my current NYC lifestyle but it’s the sweet faces of pups like the ones featured here that keep me dreamin’.