After the Jump with Noa Santos of Homepolish

by Grace Bonney

For this year’s radio show, we’re breaking up the year into four smaller seasons. Each one will have a theme and to kick things off, I’m focusing on interior design. I’ve loved getting to know makers and artists over the last year and a half, but I thought it would be fun (and helpful) to get to know more about the people behind the big picture of home design. From exciting interior designers and expert space planners to start ups and great sites connecting interior designers and clients, this season is going to celebrate the people who have the talent and vision to turn any space into a special home.

To kick things off, I sat down to talk with Noa Santos, the co-founder of Homepolish. Homepolish is a new website that offers a talented network of interior designers in six major cities (with more to come). The main thing I get asked these days is how someone can find a great interior designer- on a budget. That’s not an easy thing when most designers consider $10k too little to work on. Homepolish lets you buy small consultations, a small chunk or hours or even just consultation time to help pick out the right pieces for your home (and helps you with a designer discount, too). I think what Homepolish is doing is a game changer. Interior designers have long been behind this wall of high cost and access and now there’s a way for people to connect to young, cool designers without having to fork over a year’s salary. Noa had fascinating and valuable insight into what clients what and need from designers, what’s popular right now and what mistakes home owners make most often. I think this is an interview any renter or home owner should listen to- it’s full of great ideas, design tips and thoughts about the role that interior designers play in our community. Thanks so much to Noa for joining me on air! xo, grace

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“We only bring on the top designers in their respective cities… But it’s a lot more than having just a skill set- it’s about being able to relate to someone.”
-Noa Santos on After the Jump

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  • I love that they’re making interior design a little more accessible. Not everyone needs a lot done; sometimes, one just needs a little advice to go with a smaller budget.

  • What a great service! Perfect for someone like me who has good design sense but could use professional help to make it all gel. I’d love a consultation to help choose the perfect sofa and rug combo — those big investment purchases can be so intimidating!

  • I love this. As an interior designer, I am going to check this out. My specialty is helping people who love to design their own home, but need a little guidance. I call it my “DIY with Your Hand Held” service package. Thanks for sharing about Homepolish.