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NYE Resolutions + DIY New Year’s Eve Confetti Fortune Pockets

by Grace Bonney

DIY NYE Confetti-Filled Fortune Pockets 6
I can’t believe this year is coming to an end. I simply can’t. In a way I still feel like it’s early spring and I have a full year of work ahead of me, but in other ways I can see exactly where the time went. It’s been a year full of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, and so many life and work lessons that I feel like our little team could write a book about what we’ve learned this year. As much as I want to recap all my favorite things from this year, I think 2013 was a year where I learned that I can’t control, edit and neatly present all the things I wish I could. It’s been a year of incubation in some ways, where we really learned to sit, observe and be quiet until we found exactly the right answer to any problem we faced. So rather than rush and scramble to pull together the perfect year-end recap of our posts this year, I’m going to give our team- and myself- the week off to rest, spend time with loved ones and soak up some much-needed rest. Because we’re going to need it.

Starting next year we’re making some changes around here- in the way we run the site, the way we communicate what inspires us and how we interact with the community we love so much. All of these changes were inspired by little hurdles we had to jump this year and lessons we’ve learned about staying true to ourselves and how we see ourselves in the community. I can’t wait to share all of our new ideas, projects and team members with you. All these new ideas and projects are about finding ways to focus on the best of what we do here- highlighting the things we think are special and different about D*S and deepening the connection we have with our community and ourselves as a team. So to start the new year off right, I wanted to wrap up this year by sharing my own New Year’s Resolutions. These are the things I want to learn personally and professionally to be the best version of myself, the best version of our team and the best versions of Design*Sponge that we can possibly be. From all of us here at D*S, we’re sending you all our love, best wishes and lots of luck for a healthy and happy new year. We’ll see you on January 6th, when we’re back and running full steam towards an exciting 2014. Love, Grace

DIY NYE Confetti-Filled Fortune Pockets 7
My New Year’s Resolutions

1. Learn to embrace, not just accept, change.
2. Always write from the heart- never in a rush- and always with a purpose.
3. Be inspired by (and celebrate) the everyday. Real beauty and real life resonates more deeply.
4. Run, don’t walk, in the direction of what scares us most. I want to push and challenge us to make 2014 the best year D*S has ever had.
5. Give back more. No matter the challenge (finance, time, red tape), make our goals happen and make them about helping others, not ourselves.
6. Leave it all on the field. This year, for our 10 year anniversary, I want every goal, idea, hope and wish we have for D*S to have its moment. We will learn not to run away from ideas or posts we think are too difficult, controversial, scary or hard to share. Instead we will find the courage to embrace and stand up for our voices and what we believe in. We want to be a part of a community that shares its challenges and fears as much as its triumphs.

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DIY NYE Confetti-Filled Fortune Pockets 1
I love New Year’s Eve. I’ll jump on any excuse to get decked out. The classic NYE colors are my absolute favorites — metallics and black. There’s always champagne (double favorite). And there are so many opportunities for party favors (i.e. a DIYer’s dream). If you’re planning on throwing your own party this year, these little confetti-filled fortune pockets make for great favors. Rip them open at midnight, toss them in the air, and be showered with words of inspiration to take you into the new year. If you’re particularly resourceful, you might even be able to recycle some holiday gift wrap in the process. —Mandy Pellegrin

wrapping paper
printer paper

sewing machine

1. Print inspirational quotes or fortunes onto regular printer paper (I used this round-up of great quotes.). Cut into strips, and roll or fold.

DIY NYE Confetti-Filled Fortune Pockets 2

2. Cut wrapping paper into triangles. The size is not science, but mine were around 3″ tall and 4″ on their longest side.

DIY NYE Confetti-Filled Fortune Pockets 3

3. With right sides facing out, sew together two triangles along two of their three edges. If you’ve never done it before, don’t be worried. Sewing paper is super easy. Just use your sewing machine loaded up with regular thread and set to a fairly long stitch. For a glossier paper, it also helps to lighten the tension on the foot. If you don’t have a sewing machine, glue will work just fine!

DIY NYE Confetti-Filled Fortune Pockets 4

4. Load each little pocket with some confetti and a rolled-up fortune.

DIY NYE Confetti-Filled Fortune Pockets 5

5. Once full, sew the last of the pockets’ edges shut.

DIY NYE Confetti-Filled Fortune Pockets 8

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  • Thanks so much for sharing your resolutions and thoughts Grace. It is inspiring to know that we all face hurdles and lessons but the key is to keep pushing forward to create the best business, brand and life that we desire. Looking forward to the new D*S in 2014. And I love these DIY confetti packets. Super fun and easy. I can’t wait to make them this year.

  • Those are some great and inspiring goals. Thank you so much for the effort you put into D*S all year long- I know I am not alone in saying that I look forward to reading the site every single day. The content throughout all of 2013 has been so great! Especially appreciated some of the more personal posts that you all did. Have a wonderful new year.

  • Really cute and elegant party idea!
    As to the resolutions and the goals for the coming year, those are awesome and taken to heart with this lady.
    I trust your instincts, your judgment, your honest caring for the creative and creating community and am always amazed at your abilities in bringing it all together. Looking forward to a great year, and embracing all the changes and excitement for 2014!!
    Big hugs and much love to all of you,

  • Great advice to decorate our homes for the comming New Year’s Eve! A little effort to make these little decorations, especially if we make it togeher with our children, is something that will contribute to fill us with beautiful emotions to remember during the following years. Merry Christmas and happy New 2014. Year!

  • Beautiful post, and I love these confetti pockets – I always like to have fortune cookies when I have people over, but they never feel quite “occasion appropriate”, these would be so much better and very easy to customise.
    Happy New Year all at Design*Sponge, thanks for all your great work so far and looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2014!

  • Thank you so much, I love the pocket filled confetti idea! How simple and charming for a New Years eve party with friends! I have a couple of days left so definitely time to try some of these myself! Happy New Year :-)

  • I’m not seeing a link for the quote round-up, mind sharing? Planning on making these for the crowd at a queer NYE party in Vermont!

  • I LOVE the resolutions. I’ve been reading this blog regularly for about 3 years and what keeps me coming back is your guys’ ability and drive to change and grow. I’m very much looking forward to what you all have up your sleeves in the new year!

  • Really lovely year end post, and easily this is one of my favourite design websites ever. Resolution list = Awesome! Thank you. Looking forward to see what inspiring things you share for 2014!!

  • Can’t wait to start following this blog. My brother-in-law got me your book for Christmas and I am super excited to be inspired in new ways!

  • hello Grace- I really appreciate your willingness to take time off (& grant it to the team as well) to rest, enjoy the season & most importantly.. to Love! The best present we can give is our presence. Best Wishes* to You and the Design Sponge family in 2014.

  • What wonderful goals!! I am yet to write mine, but I am heading out camping for a few weeks shortly, and am taking plenty of thought-provoking reading, and plenty of paper and pencils with me. See you in the new year x

  • Just a quick “Happy New Year!” from a faithful lurker. I loved reading your resolutions. Thanks for Design*Sponge! This blog is one of the quiet web-blessings of my busy life, and I read every entry.

  • Couldn’t agree more with your resolution to run towards that which scares you most. Bigger risk, bigger reward! Go for it.

    Congrats on turning ten! I’ve been a fan from the early days. And I feel old now;)

    Happy New Year!

  • Love this idea! So much cuter (& gluten free too) than fortune cookies.

    Also, many thanks for sharing your thoughts for the upcoming year. I try to live my live embracing change because it is the only thing I know for sure, change is inevitable. You can either let go or be dragged.

  • A lovely inspiring post and a great little DIY! The quotes link doesn’t work though.. :(
    Hope y’all have a lovely happy new year! x

  • I made the fortunes for New Year’s but instead of using the paper and cutting it I purchased foil candy wrappers. They are gold on one side and silver on the other so I just alternated.
    I also used glue rater than sewing as I don’t own a machine. Still a cute idea and I am happy to see people take their fortune favors on their way out.

  • Dear Grace + D*S team, Happy New Year! I’ve been quietly reading D*S in the past 1.5+ years and am constantly amazed by the sheer amount and quality of content here. Incredibly inspiring and I am excited to see what changes you will be bringing to the site. Thank you Grace also for sharing your New Year resolutions as it’s great to know your thought process. It’s quite nice to realise we have similar resolutions (i.e. 2,3 & 4).

    Very fun DIY here – it’s an interesting take on the fortune cookie :)

  • Happy New Year!

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year. I’m really working on doing the things that scare me and living actively – with purpose. It feels good! Congratulations on 10 years!!

  • Great idea (even though I am now too late for New Year’s Eve — there’s always next year, or even Chinese New Year). Unfortunately, I don’t see the link to the quotations?