Gift Wrapping Guide

by Amy Azzarito

Sometimes the last thing you want to do post holiday shopping is actually wrap everything, but special paper can make even the smallest gift feel extravagant. Growing up, my mom could curl ribbon like no one’s business and she insisted that every package under the tree have a bow – no small feat with four kids at home. But every present felt special. These days I tend more toward kraft paper wrapping but I still try to make everything feel as special as the chosen gift.  –Amy

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Image above: 1. dala horse stamp set $13 | 2. naughty/nice letterpress gift tags $6 | 3. lumberjack plaid wrapping paper $12 | 4. christmas tree stamp set $13 | 5. tag + twine box $20

Image above: 1. twine sampler $15 | 2. slate gray kraft wrapping paper $22.50 | 3. lepen vivid colors pack $17.95 | 4. 25 kraft rectangle stickers $5  | 5. medium Kraft polka dot paper gift bags $6.75
Image above: geometrica wrapping paper $15

Image above: baker’s twine $7.95

Truck with Packages & Snowshoes
Image above: A pretty ingenious idea – fabric bag gift wrap that is reusable from Tiny Olive

Image above: forest animal wrapping paper $9

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