Gift Guide 2013: Kitchen Tools for The Home Cook

by Maxwell Tielman


The kitchen, it is said, is the heart of the home—the place around which domestic life and the family revolves. From a place to make coffee and cook meals to the central location for mingling at a party, the kitchen functions both as a workshop and a meeting place and is, when all is said and done, probably the room that we spend time in the most. As such—why not make it pretty? In my attempts to become a better cook (one of my more successful goals of 2013), I’ve found a great deal of truth in this notion. By creating a space that is welcoming to me, filled with objects that I find beautiful and truly useful, I have been able to turn cooking time into me time. Above and below, you will find some of my favorite kitchen tools and appliances—from ones I actually own to ones I find myself ogling on a regular basis. Each item is a wonderful mixture of beauty and utility, making them perfect gifts for both the aspiring chef and the practiced home cook. Bon appétit! —Max

Above: English Steel Counterweight Scale ($279)


1. Old Faithful Shop’s Two-Tone Cutting Board ($125) | 2. Crosley’s Ranchero FM Tuner ($87.94) | 3. Teak Measuring Spoons ($20) | 4. IKEA Ädelsten Spice Mill, Black ($14.99) |  5. IKEA Ädelsten Spice Mill, White ($14.99) | 6. iPad Stand ($99) | 7. Breville Smart Coffee Grinder ($199) | 8.  Dansk Kobenstyle White 2-Quart Sauce Pan ($79.95) | 9. Milk Pot with Measure ($25) | 10. Picardie Tumblers ($22.50)


1. IKEA Ädelsten Rolling Pin ($14.99) | 2. Japanese Enamel Kettle ($125) | 3. Glass Citrus Juicer ($23.95) | 4. Silpat Baking Mat | 5. Food-grade Mineral Oil, for cutting boards and utensils ($5.95) | 6. How To Boil An Egg by Rose Carrarini ($35) | 7. Schmidt Brothers Knives | 8. Le Creuset Red French Press ($59.95) | 9. Stoneware Mixing Bowl ($13.95—$29.95) | 10. CB2’s Frank Dinnerware ($2.95—$5.95)

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  • The Frank Dinnerware is perfect. “fans of bauhaus. Take a lesson from the bauhaus school of design, circa 1920s Berlin. Simplicity and utility in white stacking porcelain. Salad plate doubles as lid for bowl.”

    Stacking and plates to be used as lids?! Killing it.

  • Fantastic list, and I think you’re absolutely right to include radio. I splurged on a beautiful Trivoli radio for my kitchen a couple years ago and it’s been such a beloved addition to the household. My husband and I end up tarrying longer and finding more chores to do in the kitchen to hear the end of a program.

    On a side note, you seem to have skipped labeling No. 8 in the first batch of items. That pot looks amazing. I’ll check back for the link later. Thanks as always!

  • The link for the white enameled pot to the right of the Breville coffee grinder is missing.. Can you give some info on it?


  • I just scored a Schmidt Bros. knife at TJ Maxx last week, and I. AM. IN. LOVE! The balance and weight of it are pure perfection. Definitely worth the investment!

  • Great list! I just got a Schmidt Bros. Knife for the holidays, and I couldn’t be happier. Such great quality for the value. And it’s so easy to use and balanced. Definitely recommend it!