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DIY Project: Pintuck Plaid Gift Wrap

by Natalie Stopka

D_S pintuckmain
This simple folding technique makes a classy and clean gift wrap from plain old paper! To be honest, I don’t always have the perfectly patterned wrapping paper on hand, but even craft or tissue paper looks sophisticated with rows of tiny folds. Repeating the pintuck folds at right angles creates a plaid pattern – perfect for the upcoming holidays! –Natalie

The full how-to continues after the jump!

-paper – light to medium weight tissue, craft, or rice paper scissors
-optional: lining paper for translucent papers self-healing mat or c-thru ruler
ribbons, baubles, and all those good wrapping extras

D_S pintuck.1


1. If the wrapping paper you’ve chosen is lightweight enough to be translucent, first wrap your gift in a lining paper. This can be a matching or contrasting color – I’ve chosen shades of gold and apricot.

D_S pintuck.2

2. Cut your wrapping paper about twice as large as necessary for the size of the gift. Staying square to the edges, use the tips of your fingers to pinch a narrow fold halfway down the paper. Crease this across the width of the paper. Continue making a few more pintuck folds at intervals, using the grid of a self-healing mat or a ruler to stay square.

D_S pintuck.3

3. Heat the iron on low and turn off the steam. Briefly press the folds with the iron to crisp them up.

4. Repeat the pintuck folds in the opposite direction, at right angles to the first set. Feel free to play with the spacing between folds. Press again. Wrap your gift as usual with the completed pintuck plaid paper.

D_S pintuck.4
D_S pintuck.5

D_S pintuck.6

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