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DIY Mini Wreath Gift Tags

by Grace Bonney

Mini Wreath Gift Tags_INTRO
We are all busy during the holiday season, so as much as the craftiest among us want to toil over every package, sometimes it’s nice to be able to make a gift unique in a quick and easy way. Thankfully, the craft supply gods are making it easy on us with the advent of wired pine stems (i.e. glorified pipe cleaners), and I’m gladly putting them to use in this easy gift tag project. –Mandy Pellegrin

wired pine stems*
satin ribbon

*If you can’t find these at your local craft store, look for a wired garland that you can cut down.

Mini Wreath Gift Tags 7


1. Create a circle with each wired pine stem and twist the ends together.

Mini Wreath Gift Tags 6

2. Cut out mini banners from the cardstock, and write your recipients’ names on each banner.

Mini Wreath Gift Tags 5

3. Tape banners onto wreaths.

Mini Wreath Gift Tags 4

4. Attach to gifts with satin ribbon.

Mini Wreath Gift Tags 1

Mini Wreath Gift Tags 2

Mini Wreath Gift Tags 3

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  • If you couldn’t find the pine stems, this would also be a great way to recycle an old plastic christmas tree that’s on its last legs. :)

  • That is just too darn cute! Thank you – I am to go to my Mother In-laws for christmas eve and these would be great to have for table!…..I’d like to post on my blog/FB page – so lovely and photos are great! Keep it up!

  • I couldn’t find pipe cleaners at the usual craft stores, but I got lucky and found wired garland ties at The Container Store – ten long ones for $4.29. I cut them in half and made 20 wreaths. They turned out really cute, and I like the fact I can stack packages to travel and they won’t get squished like bows.

  • I couldn’t find the pipe cleaners at the usual craft stores, but I lucked out at the Container Store (without even trying). They carry these packages of wired garland ties that worked beautifully – $4.29 for 10 – you can make two small wreaths out of each tie. It’s a nice idea because they will pack flat for travel, unlike bows.

  • I loved this it’s a great little project for my grandchildren. Just prepare the smaller stuff for my tykes so they just put them on.

    I’m not sure where the card stock goes. Maybe I’m missing something but I’m not seeing how your using the card stock unless it’s the banner, I had considered placing an actual ribbon on it. Is this what your doing?

    Thank you for this fun idea.