5 Great Ebooks for Fireside Reading + Top Sites to Download Free Ebooks

by Amy Azzarito

Here in New York, it feels like it’s never going to stop snowing. I’m trying to stop complaining and instead settle in with something hot to drink and a good book. These days, I do most of my pleasure reading on my e-Reader. I’m usually just too impatient to wait for the physical book to get to me. I’m currently in a nonfiction frame of mind so over on My Life Scoop, I rounded up some of my favorite (nonfiction) books available for an e-Reader. (If you’re trying to watch your book budget, there are also many, many site online that have free ebooks available for download.) Check out all my favorites – books and sites – right here. –Amy

(Oh! And keep track of your eReader with this Electronic Bookplates)

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  • These choices look yummy! Can’t wait to dive in with a good cup of joe…(snow optional since we’re hitting 60 in the NYC area on Sunday!)