20 Must-Have Made in America Gift Ideas

by Grace Bonney

One of the great things about focusing on independent work is that so many of the products we get to write about are made here in the States. This year I got a lot of emails asking for a “Made in America” gift guide, so in addition to including plenty of those pieces in our other guides, I decided to make a guide that celebrates and highlights work being made here in the US. All of these goods, from beautiful ceramics to modern guitar cases, are made right here and come from talented independent makers. Hopefully there will be something on here for anyone and everyone looking to celebrate American makers this holiday. xo, grace

Click through for 10 more Made in America gift ideas + shopping sources for the roundup above!

Image above, clockwise from top left: Cold Picnic Weaving $1034, Leather Strap Basket $174, Guitar Case $380, Caravan Pacific Lamp $500, Rocking Ring $90, Tokyo Bag $225, Spotted Pouch $58, Spotted Wallet $68, Tea Towel $22, Super Servers $30

Image above: 12″ Dipped Bowl $75

Image above: Scout Regalia Bike ($4.5k – Splurgeville)

Image above: Shane Pot $150

Image above: Stripes Leather Belt $60

Image above: Floral Lace Tray $80

Image above: Ombre Wool Throw $295

Image above: Lyra Pyramid $185

Image above: Black Rope Leash $54

Image: Large Oak Wood Kitchen Spoon $40

Image above: Love Birds Pillowcase Set $34

Image above: Checkered Diamond Bowl $24

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  • Beautiful items, all. Especially love the Lyra Pyramid. But “must-haves”? You must have a significantly bigger gift budget than anyone I know.

    • cathy

      our previous gift guides (under $25 and under $50) included many made-in-america pieces that are at a lower price point. this guide was about celebrating truly investment-worthy pieces that are made by hand, in america but small-scale makers. their pricepoints have to be higher to accommodate for the cost of labor and materials (both of which are more expensive here) so that has a lot to do with the pricepoint.

      that said, over half of the pieces in this guide are under $100. so i don’t think that qualifies as a much bigger gift budget than most people. also, i’m not suggesting you buy the entire list, even one piece (like the $24 handmade ceramic bowls) would be a great investment.


  • Love these picks! Also, not sure why, but I’ve been having some trouble clicking the “more” link from Feedly. It brings me to a weird page where I manually edit the link to get to the page I want. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but I figured I’d let you know!

  • Applause; applause; applause! My hat is off to Design*Sponge for promoting Made In America!!! Don’t forget our local merchants and crafts persons in our own towns, too. Kudos on an excellent post. I couldn’t be happier to see this.

    George Eastman

  • A beautiful list. I would love this theme to be a regular feature of D*S. Perhaps with the occasional focus on wearables? There seems to be a number of outlets for stylish, USA-made menswear. But, aside from a few wonderful companies like Tradlands, I have found very little in the way of women’s clothing.

  • This is a great list- the only one I’ve seen of its kind this holiday season, somewhat surprisingly! So many great things being made close to home, and it’s great to support the artists. @Cathy- I think the point of this list was to include some really high-quality, artisanal, splurge-worthy items. D*S had several Christmas gift guides last week with all items under $25 and $50.

  • thank you for supporting american made this holiday and for introducing me to some new amazing brands!

    if every american spent $64 on american made presents (less than 10% of the average holiday budget), 200,000 jobs would be created. now, that would be a christmas miracle! :)

  • i’m having trouble with the “click for more” link from feedly as well. it sends me to a broken link and then i have to go search for whatever it was i had been reading. not a huge deal but thought you might like to know!

  • For everyone who enjoys this list- you should also check out SlimNote, these cute little notebooks that are handmade by a husband & wife team in Austin, TX. They are adorable to carry around & can even be customized!