Wedding DIY: Ombre Water Photo Backdrop

by Amy Azzarito


Yesterday, we shared our first-ever Design*Sponge wedding photo shoot. And all week-long, we’ll be posting simple DIY projects from the wedding. For this project, we wanted to create an installation that could be used as a focal point for the event or as a photo backdrop. The lovely Ginny Branch Stelling, our styling consultant on the project, was inspired by an art installation on Raw Color. We wanted our liquid color backdrop to be an ode to wine. So we added a touch of grape juice to weck jars filled with water. If you wanted to use colors other than red, you could use food coloring or even just a little drop of paint. (A little goes a long way!) Check out the full wedding inspiration shoot here.  –Amy

Images by de la Barra Photography

See the easy how-to after the jump!

Materials Needed:

  • jars (We used Weck Jars from Terrain)
  • grape juice (For shades of red)
  • water

Image above: When it came to coloring the water, a little grape juice went a long way. We filled up the weck jars with water first and then added a dash of grape juice.

Image above: We created our “shelves” using scrap pieces of wood placed on ladders. (Our ladders were a little not cute but could could easily create something photo worthy using old wooden ladders.)

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