Wedding DIY: Fruit Votives + Awesome Tool

by Amy Azzarito

Image above: de la Barra Photography

I shared one of our votive projects yesterday – the concrete votive. But this project is even easier. We wanted our Fall Wedding table to be filled with candles – it’s such an easy way to make a simple table feel festive. The fantastic Ginny Branch Stelling, who acted as our styling consultant on this project, suggested that we make votives using apples and pears. I had visions of sticky hands and a paring knife, but Ginny sent me a link to this amazing tool that does the job in a flash. This tool is going to be put to work for my Thanksgiving table carving squash and mini pumpkins. If you want to dress up your table even more, spray your fruit gold before carving. –Amy

Image above: Candle Carver

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  • If you own a drill already, you could also do this easily with what is called a forstner bit — which would also be a little bit less of a one trick pony, as you could also make votive holders out of just about anything you can drill into. Also forstner bits come in handy for lots of different DIY projects, so even if you’re buying a cheap one it’s a good investment!

  • I really love this idea. But if you don’t have this nifty tool how would you recommend going about it? I guess a corer would be a good place to start but probably wouldn’t be wide enough to fit the votive in.