Podcasts to Get You Through Thanksgiving Travel

by Amy Azzarito

Today is the biggest travel day of the year. Chances are, you’re about to get a car, plane or travel. I’m hoping to beat the traffic down to Virginia by leaving on Thursday morning. (Cross your fingers for me!) Here are a few of my favorite podcasts to keep you entertained while you travel. And if you’re staying home, you can listen while you cook. The added benefit, is that you’ll end up with something interesting to talk about at the Thanksgiving table. And I’m always looking for more podcasts so please, please leave your favorites in the comments. –Amy

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  • Should the title be “Podcasts to get you through Thanksgiving travel”, rather than “postcasts”? Although maybe postcasts are a thing…

  • Definitely a good time for catching up on podcasts.—I think we’re planning on catching up on “Welcome to Night Vale” on our long (even longer with the holiday traffic!) drive tonight. (And probably also listening to “Alice’s Restaurant” a whole bunch of times.)

  • I love podcasts! My favorites are: Pop Culture Happy Hour; The Nerdist; This American Life; Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me; The Moth; By the Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin; and The Longest Shortest Time.

    I’ve heard great things about Night Vale, too!

  • Just what I needed to get me through another day in the studio. I’m always looking for something design related to listen to while I work – so thank you!

  • I’m a total podcast addict. My favourites: This American Life / The Moth / RadioLab / DNTO / Under the Influence / Age of Persuasion / Stuff you should know / Stuff to blow your mind / Stuff you missed in history class / White coat, black art / Quirks & Quarks / Spark / Freakonomics / Dinner Party Download. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Thank you SO much for this amazing list. I love podcasts and I am always looking for new ones. I now subscribe to all of these thanks to your recommendations, which I definitely respect! I can’t wait to listen to these in the studio while I work. Thank you again!!!!

  • I’m an Irish person based in the UK, which I find gives me quite different podcasting habits to most American blog discussions I’ve seen on this subject — I LOVE This American Life, but there are some others that I find just too US-specific to draw me in. If you’re looking to broaden your listening experience, I’d recommend trying out Answer Me This! (listener questions answered humorously by Helen and Olly); Thinking Allowed (recent sociological research discussions — really approachable and fun!); Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Review; Desert Island Discs; Front Row Daily (excellent half-hour British arts show) and Greg Proops’s The Smartest Man in the World show (essentially a free hour-long topical comedy gig every week, interspersed with his particular obsessions, like baseball and ancient history).

      • I miss i, I really enjoyed it. I hope it comes back some day. I will go back, I’m sure a second listen will provide even more insight.

  • Love these recommendations! Just got into Imaginery Worlds from 99% invisible and it’s great. Also, always love going back to After the Jump, so much great tips and advice for aspiring bloggers.