My Life Scoop: 10 Amazing Gadgets + Apps for Travel

by Amy Azzarito

We are just about to round the corner into the busiest travel season of the year. The holiday season, I have a big car ride for Thanksgiving and a cross-country plane trip lined up for Christmas. As much as I love the time with family and friends, the travel + holiday combo can result in some major stress. So for this week’s My Life Scoop, I’ve rounded up my list of gadget and app must haves when it comes to travels.  Click here for the all the links. (Including my favorite app that will keep you from checking email every five minutes!)  –Amy



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  • I have a RhinoShark power bank 12000 which is similar to number 4 but more powerful. It’s great for trips and when I forget my charger.

  • I don’t travel very far away for the holidays, but a few of these gadgets (particularly the chargers) sound like great ideas for a weary traveler/driver!