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DIY Project: Stop-Motion Sconce Makeover

by Megan Pflug

Transforming an outdated wall sconce with paint is about the simplest way to create a truly one of a kind statement for you home. I created this stop motion animation to show you how to make on of your very own. Click ‘play’ below to watch and learn. You can also check out the full project on OKL! –Megan Pflug

Here’s All You’ll Need:

Eggshell wall paint (I used Benjamin Moore Cactus Green)
High-gloss wall paint (I used black)
Paint brush (I prefer a small soft bristle flat brush about 1/2 in wide)
Wall sconce
2 sconce shades

PRIME and paint:
1. Begin by painting the sconce with primer and allow it to dry
Next apply the green paint on top of the primed sconce and allow to dry.
3. To create the dots dip the wooden tip of your brush into the black paint. The blunt tip of the brush makes perfect dots.
4. To finish attach bulbs and shades and hang.

More about Megan Pflug: Megan is an & artist and home decor editor with strong DIY tendencies. My passion for home decor & making things is a 24/7 affair. Presently I’m the Special Projects Editor @ Live Love Home.
I have a BFA in painting from RISD and an MFA from Columbia. I came to the world of home decor and DIY through a love of art, a need to making things, and passion for elevating every day objects and place through thoughtful inspired design.

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  • The stop motion and the finished product are simply adorable! Love the green wall and trim as well as the malachite shades. Gorgeous space.

  • Adorable was the word that I was going to use as well. Looks like you had fun with this one. Keep them coming!