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Design Icon: Componibili Storage Modules

by Maxwell Tielman


Design: Componibili Storage Module

Designer: Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Year: 1969

Country of Origin: Italy

Manufacturer: Kartell

Materials & Construction: Constructed fully from ABS Plastic.

Fun facts: Designed at the height of the late 1960s craze for all things psychedelic and futuristic, these designs fully embraced the modern material of plastic. Available in a range of colors, the storage units were meant to be utterly simple and practical. The units feature doors that slide open along a single joint and large holes  instead of drawer pulls. They remain in production by Kartell to this day and are housed in the permanent collections of some of the world’s most prestigious design museums.

Illustration by Libby VanderPloeg.

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  • Sigh. I had a 2-door unit long ago and shed it, probably for a few bucks during a moving sale. Would love to have it back now! But I do still have 3 of their tall cylinder wastebaskets, 2 brown and 1 black, and I’m keeping them. They’re indestructible and stylishly simple.

  • i’ve been waiting for someone to do a series like this for so long. so happy you are doing this, and doing it so well. just enough information to the basics and be informed…but not so much that i can’t remember it all (or don’t read it). keep ’em coming!

  • I just bought one of these (from hive modern)! Silver 3 tier. Waiting for it to come. I wanted a round cylindrical night stand, and it looks like this is going to fit the bill!

  • I’d love to have a wall calendar with these iconic products and description. Do you plan on creating one for Christmas?

  • love the design of these! However, I have mine for 12 years now and the white totally yellowed.. Not so pretty.

  • Ah the implacable Componibili! A champion from the dawn of the storage unit furniture era. I find it hard to believe that there are so few out there on the marketplace today. I always scoop them up when I see them on EBay.