Southern Makers + 5 Book Giveaway

by Amy Azzarito

Although I grew up in Arkansas, I haven’t spent much time in the old South of my favorite movies – the South with its old Italianate houses, trees with Spanish moss, and ornate foundations in city squares. In fact, I don’t think I really believed it existed. Then when Grace and I were on the book tour, she took me to all of her favorite places in Charleston, Savannah, and Asheville, and I got to see what all the fuss was about. My favorite part of the trip was a visit to Athens, Georgia and dinner at 5 & 10 with an extremely talented group of women – Rinne Allen, Rebecca Wood, and Susan Hable Smith, to name just a few. Coming from a place where competition is king, the support that those women gave each other was breath-taking, and I feel like I’ve looking to replicate that feeling ever since that dinner. Those three women and many other Southern makers are featured in Jennifer Causey’s latest maker chronicle: Southern Makers: Food, Design, Craft and Other Scenes from a Tactile Life. Like her previous book, Booklyn Makers, this new edition is filled with Jen’s beautiful photos and is sure to introduce you to some new makers you’ve yet to discover. But more than just a catalog of people, I found it inspirational to just take stock of how many people are doing amazing things all over this country. I’m so proud of all these artists, designers and makers. Now, I just can’t wait to plan another trip down South to visit all these new-to-me studios and shops! –Amy A

Jen is giving away 5 copies of Southern Makers. To enter, please leave a comment describing somewhere you’d like to visit in the South. Contest ends Monday, October 28, 2013

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  • As a potter, I am very interested in North Carolina, a state which has many potteries that have been in operation for generations.

  • I went to high school and college in Charleston, but I haven’t been back in years. I would love to go back and see my friends (of course), but I also miss the food! It’s a beautiful city, and besides the touristy sites, there is so much to do. Saturday farmer’s markets on Marion Square, art walks, gallery openings at Redux, restaurants and bakeries tucked into living rooms. Charleston is about as Old South as it gets, but it is a vibrant, young, creative city as well.

  • I want to go to North Carolina , New Orleans , I love authentic/homemade items! Anything made in the USA !

  • I’d love to visit Kentucky, the land of bourbon and horses. Particularly Bardstown, my grandmother’s hometown

  • I grew up in TX and lived in SC for awhile, but I’ve never made it to Savannah and always wanted to. So much great architecture and food, it’s high on my list!

  • I would love to visit Savannah, GA again, although I’ve been a couple of times, I always seem to discover something new. It is a beautiful city that offers creative inspiration just strolling the charming streets.

  • There are so many art museums I need to visit in the South (art history undergrad, current museum studies masters student) I couldn’t possibly pick just one! But the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is a sure shot.

  • I’d like to visit Chamblee, Ga. I lived there for 3 years as a little kid. I come from a family of makers – and now I’d like to see Chamblee from an adult artist’s eyes.

  • I’d love to visit South Carolina & Charleston…you see my best friends incredibly talented husband originates from there, and having moved to London (UK) to be with her three years ago he has in this time educated us all in the art of Southern butchery, beer & bourbon.
    It would be incredible to see the place & people he calls home!

  • My husband and I originally planned to honeymoon in Savanna, GA…although we ended us somewhere else, I’ve always wanted to go and explore the historic area!

  • My husband and I recently relocated to Chattanooga, TN, after living in the Northeast and Midwest. While we’ve visited a few places, it’s our first time living in the South. I’m so excited to explore! My husband and I just got back from Asheville, NC, which was gorgeous and fun. We’re eager to visit Nashville again, but I think Atlanta is our next stop. This book comes at a perfect time.

  • I’ve lived in the South all my life and currently live in southwest Virginia – an area so rich with cultural, musical, and culinary history, not to mention the beautiful mountain views! On the flip side, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Charleston twice and it’s a completely different but still completely wonderful South!

  • Such a lovely looking book! I took a trip to Charleston and Savannah last spring, but I’m dying to spend more time off the beaten path in Low Country.

  • I’ve followed the work of Natalie Chanin and Billy Reid for years. Two of the many craftspeople in North Alabama. Another gem – absolute treasure – is the potter, Jerry Brown, in Hamilton, AL. His work is featured in museums and yet he will sit down and show a child his art.

  • If you count Texas as part of the south (an issue for debate with my southern family) I would love to go to the Round Top antique show / festival sometime. It looks like a fantastic place for people watching , window shopping, and eye candy inspiration.

  • We live on the South Carolina coast, so it’s always such a treat to visit the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee… such a contrast in the landscape (and seasons!).

  • Kentucky in the fall for Bourbon and college football. We are fortunate to have explored Louisiana, South and North Carolina and we live in Virginia. But we’ve yet to explore the “inland” part of the South.

  • I guess for me I would love to go to Georgia, why? I think because I always hear it in songs or movies in books I’ve read, just seems really interesting place full of lots of history and a great to visit.

  • i want this book! I live in Athens, GA and would love to be able to read more about the featured artists. i would also really want (I will one day) to visit Nashville. Having moved down South from Portland, Maine, I have yet to really explore the cool Southern towns. I am a ‘maker’ myself and would love to read and see inspiration from this book. A phenomenal resource!

  • I am OBSESSED with the southern states of America and have lapped up every bit of TV / film / written word on the area I possibly can. It was the TV programme Savannah that sparked my interest when I was a teenager, a million years ago, but since then reading In the Garden of Good and Evil has really made me want to visit. I’ve spent far too long looking at the incredible places you can stay in and around the town on Air BnB. Other than that I’ve watched every single episode of Justified for the Kentucky vibe and OBviously I would love to go to Charleston. I haven’t yet found anyone to do my southern trip with as yet, but soon as I do I will be planning my trip!

  • I was lucky to live in Savannah, now in Atlanta! I still have never been to New Orleans or Mobile, and they are both on my “must-visit” list.

  • This book looks amazing! I have lived in NC my entire life and we vacation in GA. I really, really want to go back to New Orleans. I’ve been once but it was over 10 yrs ago – and what an amazing place.

  • I would LOVE to visit Charleston, south carolina or anywhere in georgia since I have never been!

  • My family (both sides) is from the deep South, and have lived in the South most of my life, but I’m just now- in my 40s -really appreciating it for all of its quirks, history, and creativity steeped in tradition. There’s still places I haven’t been able to spend much time in yet… if I had to pick, I’d say #1: Asheville (haven’t been since I was a little girl), and close 2nd: Charleston.

  • My main man and I can’t wait for a trip to Charleston, SC! We are most definitely southerners at heart, and can’t wait to fall in love with the city, culture, food, and life they have down there! xo

  • I’ve lived my entire life in Mississippi, and most of my traveling has been done in the South, but I’ve yet to check Savannah, Ga. and the South Carolina Lowcountry off my list. I need to make a scientific comparison of Lowcountry cuisine to the Cajun and Creole I grew up with. For science.

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah, Georgia after seeing the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.

  • I’ve lived in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta each for years, but I’ve yet to visit Asheville, NC. I want to go to there!

  • I’d would visit the bayous in Louisiana. I’d love to experience the Cajun side of the South!

  • I’m from North Carolina (currently in Brooklyn), so obviously I love to visit my hometown of Chapel Hill, but I’d also like to see Savannah or Birmingham.

  • As a native of beautiful North Carolina, I’d love to be able to visit New Orleans one day!

  • As a northern Canadian girl, I’ve been lucky enough to visit various places in the South. I would love to make a trip to Birmingham, it’s on my list of places (once I buy my Winnie Brave).

  • I’d like to go to Sunset Beach, a small island on the very southern tip of North Carolina.

  • I’d like to drive through Sylacauga, Alabama… then on to Wetumpka and Equality, AL …… maybe stop in Rockford, too ………… a trip back in time ‘down home’ to where my grandmother grew up many, many years ago … where she ‘starred’ in all the stories of her childhood, that she so often shared with us.

  • Oh this book looks amazing! My boyfriend Brett and I would love to drive down from Canada to Texas to visit the family that he has spread out down there. I feel like I need a taxidermy armadillo with a can of Lucky in his hands!

    Love Holly

  • oh i would love to spend a full weekend in asheville! all the gorgeous views and fantastic makers in that town—oh, and not to mention the food i’ve been dying to try!

  • I’m from the South and have traveled extensively. . . but have somehow missed Austin in all of the years. I’d definitely choose Austin!

  • As I grew up in southern Virginia (right around the corner from you, Grace – Portsmouth!), I’m pretty familiar with Virginia and North Carolina, but somehow, I have never visited Charleston, South Carolina. From the photos I’ve seen, it looks absolutely charming! Maybe someday I’ll make it there :)

  • I’m such a Yankee but I have been totally won over by The South. There are a few places I have left on my list: Memphis for the bbq and blues and Birmingham for its historical significance.

  • I would like to go back to Charleston, Sc where the arts abound! Walking along the battery is breataking.

  • I’d love to visit Louisiana sometime. I’d like to see its characteristic natural environment, such as the wetland habitats, and fascinating multi-culture.

  • I live in G’ville, FL, but there are so many places in the south I’d love to visit: Birmingham, Charleston, “Nahwlins.” I would also love to do the projects in the book with my daughters. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’d love to visit Louisiana. I’d like to see its characteristic natural environment, such as the wetland habitats, and its fascinating multi-culture.

  • There are so many southern destinations I want to see. I want to see the huge amount of creativity going on in Florence, AL. I want to go to Savannah and Charleston, as well.

  • I live in TX, and love the South! I haven’t made it to Georgia yet, and would love to check out the art and design scene there.

  • My list of places to visit in the south is long. I grew up in Indiana but always felt more at ease in the south than in any neighboring state to IN. Lovely book!

  • In college I read a book called Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and the book took place in Savannah and ever since I’ve wanted to go there to see the beautiful mansions and tree lined streets. It seems like a magical place with a ton of character.

  • I married a Southern Virginian and we have road-tripped all over the south. Tiny towns off the beaten path to major cities, we spend time with the South’s good food, good music, and good people as much as possible! We even consider New Orleans a second home… that said, I haven’t ever been to Alabama and would love to see more of that state.

  • Would very much like to travel through Mississippi as I have not yet seen much of that state.

  • i’m torn between savannah & nashville — both known for their creative communities.. but nashville tips the scale with the food. nashville wins today!

  • I want to go to Charleston, South Carolina and spend a day with the cool, rugged, smokin’ guys who make Holy Smoke — the. most. amazing. smoked olive oil you’ll ever taste. It rocks my world. And I’m almost out of this precious smokey goodness!

  • Living in Memphis now via the Mississippi Delta, but I still have lots of places I want to go in the South (and lots of places I can recommend to anyone who wants some tips – email me at caitlin [at] frontporchart.com if you do). Anyway, after I’d LOVE to go to Charleston!

  • I just want to go home to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the holidays. Beaches, family, food, bayou, open spaces, nature trails. And so many stories to tell down there!

  • In the next few months, I’ll be visit my hometown and favorite southern city, Austin, TX, and I’ll be taking a women weekend trip to Nashville. I’d love to visit Atlanta, GA, sometime soon!

  • I’d really love to visit Charleston, SC. It looks so charming from the pictures I’ve seen!

  • I keep hearing the most glorious things about Ashville. A friend just returned with all her arts and crafts spoils and now I’ve got a serious longing to visit.

  • Love to visit Charleston and Atlanta…Atlanta mostly because I think my daughter may go to college there.. Thanks for the opportunity to win a book! Looks wonderful

  • I want to visit the beautiful beaches of South Carolina. ( Though, from here in San Antonio, that’s pretty north!)

  • Birmingham, AL. I’ve been hearing/ reading abt how much this city has grown into a new cultural haven. And, been hearing great things abt new and interesting eateries. Never been, but would love to check it out!

  • Woo! Amy, I’m from Arkansas, too, and a NY transplant.

    In January of this year I visited Savannah on a business trip. Though I had to work from 10AM-6PM each day, my hotel was located just a handful of blocks from SCAD. I spent several evenings walking around the beautiful streets of the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. My wish is to visit Savannah again, but for pleasure so I can take in the beautiful homes and mossy trees during a nice sunny day.

  • Well I live in the South (raised in SC, currently residing in NC) but I would love to visit Nashville. I’ve never been and it’s the next location on my travel bucketlist.

  • For years now I have wanted to drive across Texas, ending my trip in Marfa to explore the work of Donald Judd and the Chinati Foundation. I guess it has to do with my busy cluttered life that I am attracted to some big sky and minimalist artworks.

  • Recently I’ve been to NOLA and Charleston and loved them dearly. While I hope to return to both for more of their craft cocktails, amazing food and charming architecture, Savannah and the Outer Banks are both on my bucket list!

  • So many great places to visit, so little time! It’s a toss up between Charleston, SC and Shiloh, TN.

  • I have been to and loved Asheville, Savannah and Charleston. These places are oozing with character and I will now love to go to New Orleans and Austin

  • What a gorgeous book! I spent 10 years in Athens, Georgia, so you’ve struck close to my heart already. If I weren’t visiting Athens, I’d be happy visiting other places I’ve lived in and loved: Asheville, NC – Chapel Hill, NC – or Charlottesville, VA.

  • For years now I’ve wanted to drive across Texas, ending my trip in Marfa. Craving big sky, endless roads and some minimalist artwork.

  • Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama – these three states are what I think would give me the biggest American culture shock.

  • My parents are from eastern North Carolina. I’d like to see the western, mountainous part of the state in Asheville.

  • I have been all over the south and many places are on my list of favorite’s, but I most love St. Simon’s Island, GA and Oxford, MS! Would love to visit Natchez, Tuscaloosa or Tybee Island. This book looks amazing!!

  • I’m from the south, but have never made it to Athens, GA. I have many friends who are Athens transplants to Richmond, and friends who are Richmond transplants to Athens, but I’ve yet to visit!

  • I just got back from a weeklong road trip through Tennessee and North Carolina! And my, is the south a beautiful place. My next dream spot to visit is Charleston, South Carolina.

  • I would take the NC 705, known also as the Pottery Road, and as I drive I would stop from one pottery studio to another to discover how their work spaces look like, how it all started, creating my own private map of North Carolina.

  • All of it! I’ve always been drawn to the south but haven’t had a chance to visit (I live in WA). I’d take a long road trip so I had time to hit each lovely southern state. I’d pick up post cards on all of my stops and maybe some magnets for my fridge. I’d bring along my journal so I could write about the fantastic people, then I’d snap a photo so I could remember the beautiful sites.

  • I LOVE Texas!! I would really love to be in Fredericksburg sometime soon! The south just has my heart!!xo

  • This is beautiful — thanks for sharing the post & the giveaway is also a fun idea! I would love to win the book — for me, I’d love to visit Louisiana/Alabama/Arkansas on a little road-trip circuit. I have been to most of the surrounding states but never dipped into that deep southern nook. I recently watched a documentary about the Freedom Riders, and I think that it would be interesting to be able to go to some of the places where the Freedom Rides took place to seek to understand more of that history as well as to see the natural and cultural beauty of those states.

  • i grew up in SC and miss the South tremendously! i would visit either Savannah, GA (never been despite its proximity) or head back to New Orleans.

  • I love the South, but have never been to Savannah! So I’m hoping it’s in my near future!

  • After reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil I have wanted to visit Savannah, Georgia.

  • I grew up in Arkansas too, and you’re right that it doesn’t exude the same southern charm as cities like Savannah. I’ve always wanted to go to Charleston, SC. I’ve heard it’s lovely :)

  • I went to the south with my fiance for the first time this summer, and everyone talked about Charleston, Ashville and Nashville. We didnt get to go there, so I would love to go back!

  • Graceland! I’ve always imagined driving up in a pink Cadillac (or a Mini Cooper convertible), the radio alternately blaring Elvis tunes and Paul Simon’s classic album.

  • I always loved visiting the mountains of western North Carolina–especially in fall–but never got to visit the Outer Banks and I’d love to go someday!

  • I have many interests and working on building a few basic skill sets. I would love to work with the North Carolina Potters and learn their techniques and processes. Chattanooga and the Smokeys for their Blacksmithing. Kentucky for their woodworking. Folk instruments from the Appalachians, baskets from the coastal states. The list goes on.

  • I have always wanted to go to Louisiana and then see the Tabasco farms. But that would just be one stop on a whole Southern food and farm tour I’ve always wanted to do.

  • I’m an interior designer/ artist from Tennessee with the heart for transforming junk into high end treasures. I’d love to hit up Round Top, Texas.

  • I live in Virginia but I’ve never been to Asheville, NC (and there is really no excuse when I live that close)! Would love to visit sometime soon!

  • Edisto Island, SC. I vacationed there as a child and would love to see the Spanish moss covered trees again.

  • I have been dreaming of visiting Savannah ever since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I saw that someone else posted that and thought that was pretty cool. :) The south just has this certain magic about it… I live in Tennessee, but I feel like it’ d just get more and more interesting the farther down you go.

  • I used to live in Nashville, but never had the chance to visit Chatanooga. And *bonus* there’s a city guide on DS!!

  • I actually live in deep South Texas, and I LOVE it. I have traveled a lot on the South West border of the country but never passed Louisiana on the East. I would love to visit Nashville, if that is still considered South haha. I have a vlog that follows a little on what lifestyle (fashion and beauty) is like here in the South, take a look if you’re interested! Youtube.com/JeannieSalinas

  • I would visit Savannah, Georgia. A friend of mine claims it her favorite city, saying the scenery is beautiful and she’s eaten the best shrimp & grits there that she’s ever had in her life! The latter, really, is reason enough for me :) :)

  • Just went to Louisville and loved it, mostly for the bourbon. I think my next southern destination will be Nashville. I’ve heard great things from friends and even though I’m not the biggest country music fan, it’d be fun to check out some true country music.

  • I really want to travel to as many waffle houses as possible, finding some way to map that experience and compare them across the south. Also to eat as many orders of double hashbrowns as possible.

  • I’m from Singapore and have never been to states. So if there’s a place i would want to visit in the southern, it would be north carolina because of their nature sights as well as their handicraft.

  • I’m from NC – and had have wonderful tours around Savannah and Charleston – but I’ve never been to Asheville in my home state. I love the sound of the open, welcoming and artistic community.

  • I’d love to go to Asheville for the yarn shops and bluegrass I keep hearing about, or revisit Clarksdale, MS for some Delta-style tamales and blues!

  • We live in the Western New York country side and would love to visit small towns down in the hollers of Tennessee or Kentucky and eat at as many family owned diners as we could!

  • I spent 18 hours in Charlottesville, VA once, and I would love to go back and explore the city and surrounding countryside over a long weekend.

  • I have always wanted to travel to Savannah, Georgia. In my mind, it’s a magical, sweet place… and sunnier than my home town of Pittsburgh.

  • I’ve only ever experience the south through books (Faulkner, Pat Conroy, Flannery O’Connor) but it made an impression. I’ve always wanted to road trip around, from Charleston to Savannah (yup, because of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil).

  • I was born and raised in the south (about 30 minutes from Asheville, NC). I am so proud of the southern experience I grew up with; folk dance festivals, art extravaganzas, community art schools, book clubs, and home-grown design studios. These are things that outsiders don’t traditionally think of when they think of the south. Right now I live in Chicago, and although magnetic in its own way, I long for the debilitating heat, the mouthwatering aromas, and the broken-down-gothic grandeur of my childhood. The beauty of this book is that it skews my own interpretation, providing a tourist lens for something so familiar. I would love to be able to share these places and moments with my friends and family.

  • I lived in the South for many years in New Orleans and Atlanta. I’ve visited some great cities and small towns traveling through the Southeast states. But I’ve never been to Charleston, SC. I often hear about it’s beauty and charm from those that have been there. And although I live in West Virginia now, I’d love to go visit “down South” and take in some of that Southern hospitality!

  • New Orleans, to me, is the quintessential Southern town. The tree lined streets, rich culture, amazing food and beautiful old plantation homes. I stopped in for a very short stay (less than 24 hours), and in that brief amount of time the city found its way into my heart and I have been dying to go back and experience everything about it.

  • I would love to go to Oxford, Mississippi — it’s been years since I’ve been back there, and the food and culture always blow me away. I would give just about anything to be sitting on the balcony at Square Books right about now!

  • I have Southern roots and have been to Florida, North Carolina and Georgia-all lovely but I think on my next trip I would like to go to Alabama-especially to see Natalie Chanin’s studio. I am a book lover so this book would have a good home!

  • Lord, where to begin! The South has so many special cities. Charleston, New Orleans, Asheville and Athens are all favorites of mine, and I’d love to have a litte pied a terre in each one! One day…

  • As a recent transplant to the south (Gainesville, Florida) I’m excited to explore more of the region. I’d love to visit Asheville and Athens–for the vibrant art scenes!

  • I am from South Louisiana! I love the south and proud to be a southern belle. I have never visited Kentucky, so that would be nice to explore somewhere new!

  • Born and raised in the Netherlands i’ve never been to the South and I would love to visit all the places mentioned above. But, being a designer myself, I would just love to win the book and read all the inspiring stories of the artists, designers and makers in the South.

  • I have never been anywhere lower than Idaho in the states! haha I would love to visit Savannah though and the warm weather would be welcome!

  • I actually just got to check two cities of my Souther bucket list after moving to Austin, TX and driving through New Orleans on the way. I still haven’t visited Savannah, GA yet though!

  • Amy! I didn’t know you were from Arkansas. I was just thinking the other day, “The only person I know of from Arkansas is Bill Clinton.” Anyway, I’d visit Dolly Parton’s theme park, Dollyland, in Pigeon Forge, TN.

  • I grew up in Atlanta and lived in New Orleans and Gainesville as a child. The droopy trees, lighting bugs and humid beauty of Savannah, Beaufort, Charleston, Key West and St. Augustine still haunt my dreams and make me homesick. But I have not yet visited the Louisiana bayou. I’d like to spend a few weeks down there with no internet and no cell phone, just spending the days fishing and trying to understand Creole :)

  • I lived in Asheville for a number of years and want to go back (for more than a visit!), but I’d love to visit New Orleans.

  • I’ve often dreamed of driving the River road from Minnesota all the way to Mississippi. Slowly meandering through this part of the country seems like it would be a magical adventure.

  • I’ve never been to Nashville…or TN for that matter. I would love to make it there someday!

  • I’m lucky enough to live in the South already, but I’ve been thinking about Tennessee a lot lately. I’d like to do a little exploring. Mississippi Delta, too.

  • Charleston is on my list to visit. This book looks stunning, and would be an amazing addition to any artist’s library.

  • I’d visit Louisiana, from New Orleans and Baton Rouge, to the lakes, the coast and the swamps. Ever since I was young I’ve wanted to go there: its name (and of its cities), the food, the architecture and the nature, they all seem so mysterious and adventurous to me.

  • Asheville, NC is on the top of my list! Also, Winter Park, FL — because I want to see Rifle Paper Co. in all it’s hometown glory!

  • Being from Texas I’ve been wanting to get away from the South but after reading this, Carolina will be added to my lists of sights to see.

  • Have been to many places down South, except for New Orleans. My heart has been set on visiting New Orleans for years!

  • Have been to Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC… Love them both. But would love to visit New Orleans, and especially Ashville, NC and the Penland School!

  • The easier question would be where DON’T I want to go. I’ll just name five to keep it easy:

    – blue ridge mountains
    – savannah, Georgia
    – gulf coast Mississippi and Alabama
    – Charleston
    – St Augustine

  • I’m fortunate to live in Memphis already, but here are the places I’d love to visit: Oxford, Birmingham (haven’t been in years!), Charleston (same), Beaufort SC (same), Savannah, Atlanta and Gulf Shores!

  • Charleston, SC. I lived in SC (other end in Clemson) for 6 years and have since moves to MD. Miss the South every single day.

  • Atlanta is currently at the top of my Southern cities list. The artisan coffee and craftsman cultures are so dense!
    Second would be Starksville MI, family visits are kinda important :)

  • I live in Atlanta, I recently visited Chattanooga and Charleston, and I have plans to visit Asheville. I love the south! :)

  • Savannah for the city side, fun of ‘The South’. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the natural beauty of ‘The South’.

  • I’ve wanted to go to New Orleans, for forever. (For all of the obvious reasons that one would be drawn, to the city that gave us Jazz.)

    But, another destination that’s QUITE high on my prioritized list of destinations is Sarasota, FL. A big reason I’d like to visit Sarasota, is because it’s home to the Ringling Museum of Art, Ca’ d’Zan, and the Circus Museum. (www.ringling.org) Being one who’s fascinated by “circus-culture” and the early 20th Century period, this place is calling my name.

    (Amy — you’d absolutely love Ca’ d’Zan, given your expertise in historical architecture. Furthermore, the mansion was used in the 1998 “Great Expectations” with Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke, for all of the shots of Paradiso Perduto.)

  • There is a school of metaphysics in out-of-the-way Windyville, Missouri that I’d like to visit.

  • I’ve just moved to Columbus, GA from the Pacific Northwest– so I’m now a Southern maker, too, in my studio in a converted cotton warehouse. I’m itching to have a cup of tea on the steps of Carson McCuller’s front porch, which now houses writers in residence at Columbus State University.

  • I would love to visit Savannah! I think I could easily drink a gallon of sweet tea per day while exploring.

  • I would love to go to a hidden gem of a little town in the South. I have found several in my travels, unheard-of little places between the famous cities, that have architecture that should be in books (but isn’t), with restaurants that should have months-long waiting lists (but don’t), and shops that would make the most cynical big-city shopper squeal with glee when they stepped inside (which they haven’t). Once I find my next undiscovered place, I will take photos (but not post them on the internet) and tell stories (only in person, to my closest friends), but otherwise do my best to keep them undiscovered. What’s great about the South is all the un-famous places that would probably lose a lot of their charm if they became famous. There are places like this all over the South, best-kept secrets that we should do our best to keep secret.

  • I am an Italian girl, living in Florence (Italy) and I would love to see Atlanta in Georgia because some of my relatives live there and they always talk about great weather, nice people, good cooking and the famous Southern hospitality. Must look very similar to Italy!

  • I’m a Southern gal through and through and very artsty — would love this book! Grew up in NC and lived in TN and now Baton Rouge, LA only an hour and a half from NOLA. I adore Asheville and Highlands, NC and really miss WNC this time of year especially. But I haven’t been to the Lowcountry for many, many years, so I would love to take a drive down the Atlantic coast following this map http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/road-trips/low-country-south-carolina-georgia-map/

  • I’ve been wanting to go to Charleston–some of my ancestors are from there, and it seems like a beautiful city!

  • I’ve never really been to the South! But I’d love to go to Kentucky, New Orleans, or Charleston SC.

  • I’ve wanted to go to Gee’s Bend, AL, ever since I saw the amazing exhibit of the quilts made there that was at the De Young museum in 2006. Going there would be like a crafty pilgrimage: I would love to meet the women who make those amazing quilts and I imagine I would come away infected by the sense of colour they bring to their work, and with the magical skills to apply that to my own crafting attempts…

  • Love the south, and can’t wait to visit the Spanish-mossy-trees in Tallahassee next week! Getting excited to take walks, visit my friend’s antique shop… and brunch!

  • I’m from North Carolina, and I’d really love to go back to the Biltmore Estate. I went once with my fourth grade class a million years ago and I’m itching to see it again with new eyes. I’d spend a day touring the house another day in the vineyards, and another exploring the grounds on horseback.

  • Oxford, Mississippi is a place I’d like to visit in the South. In hopes that the state university would be built there, the town was named Oxford, after the great one in England. Our son got his master’s degree in writing there. It is a quintessentially charming, old fashioned small town, with the Victorian architecture and town square. It’s a picture postcard of bygone days and the perfect location to film them. Because it is a university town, there is an emphasis on bookstores, cultural activities and places of interest, e.g., William Faulkner’s and Eudora Welty’s homes. There are good restaurants, and good grits. I want to visit Oxford, Mississippi.

  • I’ve heard nothing but beautiful things about South Carolina and would LOVE to visit one day!

  • My wife and I would love to cycle the South following the landmarks of the civil rights story. It would be a great way to teach our young daughter and myself about the momentous events and hope.

  • This looks like such a fascinating book! I live in Charleston and went to school in Savannah. So I have those two cities covered! But I’ve never been to Birmingham and I keep hearing of all these creatives coming out of there, so that’s where I’d like to go next!

  • I already live in Kentucky, and I love it here. The south is a wonderful creature. But I have always been interested in visiting Charleston, SC–one of the few places left I have yet to explore in these parts!

  • Originally from Kentucky, but now living in Los Angeles, I know that the south isn’t really like what it looks like in movies and on TV. But I still love the south and the fact that when you find beauty there you actually have time to stop and enjoy it. I find kinship with southerners no matter where I go and am always impressed with the engrained southern hospitality they carry with them. I’ve always wanted to go to Athens, GA and see if the birthplace of such good music is all I imagined it to be.

  • I would love to visit Savannah & Athens, GA. We just dropped our son off at Georgia Tech and loved visiting the local museums-I’d like to explore more southern plantations as well as start collecting pottery from ‘The South’! We are also obsessed with the hospitality & southern food!

  • I’m from the Midwest (Minnesota) so I haven’t spent much time in the South, but I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah, Georgia. There’s something so timeless and magical about all the pictures I’ve seen, with the old homes and overhanging trees. I’d love to finally explore.

  • My dear friend Molly lives in Virginia, where she and her husband raise goats and make all sorts of delicious cheeseyness. I live in the Canadian North and Molly keeps me well stocked with beautiful woolen knits. They live on land that has been in her husband’s family for ages (pre-civil-war) and the family matriarch runs a bed and breakfast from her beautiful home. I spent a week there when they were married a few years ago, pre-cheese production and I’d give anything to go back! Beautiful people making beautiful food. (Georges Mill Farm)

  • Charleston! I’m a real Gone with the Wind fan! But i’ve actually never been anywhere in the South, so would really like to go so many places…

  • So many good suggestions above! My top choice (currently) is Charleston. Followed by Savannah and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

  • I’d like to visit Savannah! It seem so beautiful and charming. I’m from Sweden and I don’t know if I ever will come to the Southern at all. I hope so, of course :).
    I would love to learn more about the cities and the creative people who lives there. It feels so nice and kind of comforting knowing that we are so many people around the world expressing ourselves in art, design, crafts and a lot more.

  • I have always wanted to go to Nashville, I think it would be great to see a part of the older south and of course try their barbecue. Living in Texas is a whole different kind of southern culture.

  • I would love to go back to New Orleans. I have only passed through, and would love to immerse myself in the culture, rich history, and architecture.

  • While none of my family lives in the south. I have managed to drag them with me on random occasions and am proud to say they have fallen in love as I have. From my stay in Atlanta, a short visit to Savannah and a week long camper/backpack trip to Ashville, I’m always up for another go around! Charleston would definitely be next on my list!


  • I have been to Charleston quite a few times with a big group and I would love to go back by myself to explore the places I really want to. I love that town. So so so beautiful! What amazing history. I just started school at Savannah College of Art and Design and even though it is all online for the moment I can’t help but dream of going to visit. From what I hear it is a truly unique place to be a part of.

  • This post made me a little teary! Although I recently relocated to the west coast, Athens, GA will ALWAYS be home for me. Can’t wait to check out this book.

  • I haven’t spent much time in the South as an adult, but I think that Charleston would first on my list.

  • Kentucky…always! It warms my heart to see so many folks mentioning it on a list of places they would want to visit! While I am from KY and living in KY, there is so much to see that I have not seen. We have beautiful flat lands in the west and mountains in the east. Charming small towns and bustling cities. And, we have bourbon. So much bourbon! It’s the perfect time of year for some local cider and bourbon! As for my list, Breaks Interstate Park is at the top this fall. It is a beautiful park in the mountains shared by Kentucky and Virginia!

  • I am a potter and lived near ashville nc and loved visiting and feeling emersed in an artistic community. I would love to check this book out!

  • Louisiana! With its swamp music, swamp gators and swamp food. Where you can sit alone on a porch drinkin’ bourbon with a po’ boy. And let’s not forget we’re talking about the home of hot sauce! Where else can you dance to Zydeco before breakfast, blues at brunch and funeral march to dinner, eating gumbo and jambalaya off a plate shaped like a lobster?!

  • I have adorable cousins from the South. They recently moved from another part of Georgia to Athens, Ga. They are loving it! I received a small guidebook about Athens and became even more enthusiastic about going. There is much to see, do, taste and buy. They come up to N.Y.C, from time to time, and I have been their guide! We make jokes about the differences, in a good way. I always have a great time with them. I have grown very fond of the south with the warm and sunny dispositions of the people. I would treasure the book you are offering, as it would give me the feeling of being there. Who among us would not like to be embraced by the charm, wit, and hospitality of the South.

  • I was supposed to go with my mom to South Carolina for a wedding, but my work schedule prevented me from doing so. I hope I am able to visit in the future!

  • I’m from South Carolina originally (I live in Pennsylvania now) and am almost embarrassed to admit how much I miss “home.” Growing up, I wanted to leave home and move somewhere more “progressive.” Since being away, I’ve realized how amazing the South is in so many ways (although there’s still lots to improve). My husband and I are considering a move in a few years, and I’m looking at Charleston (home-home), Wilmington, NC and Chattanooga, TN as some possibilities. No matter where I move, you’ll always find sweet tea in my fridge!

  • I want to go to Charleston, South Carolina. I have grown up in Georgia and been all around the South but I have yet to make it to Charlestone.

  • I live in Kentucky (work in heritage tourism) and invite everyone to come visit us! :D But I would also like to visit New Orleans, and Savannah…two stops on my bucket list. :)

  • Even though I can never get enough of my native Charleston, New Orleans holds a very dear spot in my heart and I long for another visit!

  • There are many places that are on my list! Ashville, NC for the beauty and culture, Atlanta< GA for the culture, and New Orleans!

  • I’ve lived in Georgia for almost all my life, and I’ve traveled around the South extensively. But I’ve never been to New Orleans, and that’s definitely on my list. I’m lucky enough to live in Atlanta where there is so much going on creatively and culturally, that often I find lots to do in my own backyard!

  • Living in Charleston for the last 10 years, I now appreciate and can’t help but to expel to local pride in arts, food, history and tradition. I would love to visit New Orleans and do some “research” in these areas too!

  • I have always had the desire to go to Charleston. There are some incredible cafes and restaurants that fellow photographer friends have shared and now I must experience them for myself!

  • I would love to go Charleston! I’ve heard it is the most beautiful city filled with southern hospitality! I’d also like to check out Asheville sometime and also Louisville at Derby time!

  • As a southerner of Texas and Louisiana, a state I yearn to visit is sweet peachy Georgia! I’ve heard many lovely things about it and wish to visit someday! :)

  • I grew up in Virginia obsessed with Misty and yet never made it to Assateague Island. And I have always wanted to get to Athens, GA for the music and college town vibes.

  • I’d love to go somewhere with a lot of old houses — like plantation houses — that can be toured and Civil War site.

  • I have never been to Nashville. I would love to visit as that is where our next foster dog is coming from!

  • for me it ll be all across the atlantic to new orleans – so so curious to see that city… aaaand: would love so much to have this book to germany to feel the vibes ;-)

  • I would love to go back to Arkansas, I got engaged there last year and it will always be close to my heart. Coming from Ireland it wasn’t your typical engagement story. but to be honest I would love a road trip around all the southern states, the accents are fantastic!

  • I would love to go to the Lowcountry area of South Carolina. Ntozake Shange writes about that area with such evocative language in her novel “Sassafrass Cypress and Indigo”. Reading that book set my imagination afire, and I would love to visit the place that has such historical significance in her work. It’s a great book and taught me a lot about a part of our culture I had not been familiar with until then, and so much of it is related to the geography of South Carolina.

  • It seems like the popular choice, but I must jump on the bandwagon and say “Savannah.” My mom passed away on 9/9/2013 and I miss her. She and her sister took a guided tour of the south last spring and visited Savannah. She called me from there and described some of the sights and tastes to me. I want to go and experience it with Mom in mind. I want, in a sense, to share that with her.

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Charleston! Especially for all the amazing architecture. Or New Orleans.

  • Since I grew up in Wilmington and lived in Charleston…I terribly want to head further South to New Orleans!

    Can’t wait to try their food!

  • I’ve seen some wonderful places in the south—however have never made it all the way down to New Orleans. I would love to visit there!

  • Savannah, Georgia, for its gorgeous gardens, squares, and culture. Milledgeville, GA, to experience Flannery O’Connor’s Andalusia. Asheville, NC, for its vibe — and to tour the Biltmore Estate. Athens, GA, for its food, design, and artist culture. New Orleans + Monroe, LA — because I’ve dreamt of walking those streets, eating the food, and experiencing the music, culture + religions for as long as I can remember.

  • There are a lot of places in the South I’d like to visit once. If I have to name place, I would say Nashville…

  • I want to visit Sam Knob in Pisgah National forest again- grew up skinny dipping in those icey streams, camping in tents that often had a hole or got flooded in the night, and eating blocks of cheddar cheese and french bread for days.

  • Born and raised in the South: the Carolinas. still here and I’m pretty sure I’ll never leave! It stays in your bones. I haven’t ever been to Austin, TX, is that the south?! ;) I’d love to visit there and I guess I should make my way to New Orleans at some point!

  • New Orleans: air so thick you could swim your way down Esplanade dreaming of the terrors, music, and magic that happened in the shotgun houses, grand old maisons, and the forgotten corners filled with dust, silt, booze, and memories.

  • I would love to visit Savannah, Georgia, again. I went once with my Girl Scout troop as a child and I would love to return as an adult. I remember delicious food and beautiful buildings. The pralines were the best. They just melt in your mouth.

  • Fabulous Nashville is my home, and while I’m no stranger to roadtrips, there are many southern spots I’ve yet to see. I’d love to visit NC’s Outer Banks, Lexington, Savannah, and New Orleans. And closer to home, I want to check off some of TN’s fine state parks: Fall Creek Falls is at the top of that list.

  • Desde muy lejos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Los felicito por el blog y obviamente que me gustaria conocer todo el país y el sur creo que es muy pintoresco. En algún momento haré algún viaje para allá. Y acerca del trabajo artesanal es lo que más me gusta. Saludos. Elina

  • I’d just came back from Nashville, and I’ve been bitten by the Southern bug…I would love to visit Asheville or Savannah next!

  • Savannah, Georgia, I had a friend who lived there for awhile and I wish I had gone to visit her, but I see a road trip in the next year or two!

  • i’d love to visit south carolina…. but the list of places is endless, really….. but either way, i will sure be a lucky one to hold this book as a prize!!!!!!!

  • I grew up in Alabama and lived there for the first 22 years of my life. Now, as a resident of San Francisco, I often think back on my time in the South and how much it dramatically impacted the person that I am today. I could not be more thankful for the South, and wouldn’t have chosen to be raised elsewhere. Tybee Island, GA is a place that I’ve always wanted to visit. I hope to visit on a future trip to visit friends in Savannah!


  • Alabama, in particular anywhere near Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin. First off she is my most favorite maker ever! Second, the down home feel and open heartedness that she describes of her Alabama is something I want to experience.

    Thank you…

  • Hunstville, Alabama, for its burgeoning artist community, and I will always make trips back to my old home, New Orleans, LA.


  • I want to go to Ashville again to enjoy the great food and art and to hike in the beautiful Smokey Mountains!

  • I haven’t been in the South yet, so I would love to go. I choose Nashville, I’m sure is full of fantastic creative people!

  • I grew up and went to school in Georgia, where my family is from, and I currently live in Tennessee. So I’ve been blessed to have been to most areas in the South. I have yet to go to Louisiana, though, and would love to.

  • I just got the Brooklyn Makers book and would love to have a copy of this as well! I live in the South and know there are plenty of amazing craftsmen and women here. As for places I’d like to visit, Austin, Texas is high on my list.

  • I would like to visit Rector, Arkansas. My Grandma (Lavelle Greene, how southern is that?) gave me a quilt before I went to college. It was made in Rector, AR, hand stitched with her sisters made from the remnants of their old dresses. It has a story and my family like every family has a story. I’d like to go on a slow road trip starting in Denver stopping in Rector cutting straight through the south. Growing up in the north I never understood my Grandma and I’d like to get a sense of my roots.

  • I’d like to visit Charleston. A new coworker and friend is from the area, and from her description, it would be a beautiful place to visit! Plus, my last name just became Southern when I married my husband. I need to fill my bookshelves with Southern books!

  • A friend posted photos of Texas and it made me want to go there, but I love all the south. Peeking at your book makes my list of southern places to visit even longer. Lots to do and the weather is usually pretty nice as well.

  • Born and raised in Arkansas, so I’ve been able to visit many places in the South. By far one of my favorite places that I’ve visited is Chattanooga. Love that town! But there are lots of lovely places here in the state that I love. Fayetteville, Gilbert (or any point along the Buffalo River), Little Rock. But I wouldn’t mind visiting North Carolina.

    I love the South, if that wasn’t apparent. :)

  • We relocated from Seattle to Savannah about a year ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to find so many people making and doing things (and not just art students!). It’s good to be among fellow makers and do-ers.
    We just made a quick trip to Charleston, and Asheville is next on my list of places to check out.

  • Marfa, Tx I’ve heard so many great things about marfa and it’s mysterious lights can’t wait to visit!

  • I would love to visit The Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tn! I hear it’s beautiful during the fall season.

  • As the air turns colder here in Wisconsin I always have a longing for the mountains of North Carolina, specifically Cedar Mountain. Maybe it’s just wishing for sweater weather instead of snow, but the mountains are my favorite place to be.

  • Growing up in the south but living up north now, I have so many places I would like to go back to visit. Savannah, GA has a special place in my heart, though. Would love to get back there soon.

  • I live in Asheville, and it’s a really fun place to live – and visit (food, music, art, yay!). I’m originally from the North, and haven’t explored the South much. I’ve been wanting to visit New Orleans and Atlanta!

  • Everywhere. All the time.
    I’ve lived outside of the South for over 14 years and that’s far too long. I miss it so.
    In particular, I’d love to revisit St Augustine, Fla. (went there as a baby); Savannah, Georgia; the Outer Banks; Fayetteville, Ark.; Charlestone, S.C. These may seem like obvious choices but, though I’ve been to many beautiful places in the South, I haven’t seen any of them (except for the first, where I went as a baby).

  • My favorite city in the U.S., (I’ve only been there once), Savannah, GA! I want to taste that shortcake with berries and real heart stopping whipped cream, see the gators, quirky old cemeteries, and have people call me “shugah”.

  • I’ve lived in Virginia for the majority of my life, but feel like there’s so much of the state that I haven’t seen. So I’d really love to travel around it a bit more!

  • When I make it to the USA again (soon I hope) I would love to discover New Orleans. I love the music, the ethnic background of the area, the swing, the laughter of the people, I think it would be pretty awesome to wander around with the sound of music….would love it…..

  • I miss Asheville where I used to live so that is at the top of my list to visit, but I’ve never been to Charleston and would love to go there, too.

  • What a generous giveaway! I love Jennifer’s work and can’t wait to get this book. I’ve passed through Savannah and North Carolina but would love to spend more time in each place. Pretty much anywhere with old oaks and Spanish moss is somewhere I’d like to be <3

  • Although I am from the South, there are many places I’ve yet to visit. Nashville is at the top of the list!

  • i want to visit north carolina again, more with the intention of staying longer!! it was sooo beautiful

  • I’ve spent my life in the south….but I want to go to New Orleans again now that I have a real job, so I can afford to eat properly!

  • Cumberland Island, Georgia. (I fell in love with the beautiful chapel where John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette got married.)

  • I have visited Charleston, loved the city and the food. I hope one day to visit and explore New Orleans and Savannah.

  • I have a friend from Atlanta, so I think I would go there first, just to get my feet wet. Then New Orleans, then Charleston.

  • As a very proud adoptive mom of a beautiful 7 year old Louisiana girl, I would love to get familiar with her roots thru this book. We are living in Europe and are planning a big family trip to the South for next summer to visit her birth ground. The book should be one of our tour guides!

  • I would love to go back to charlston, sc. It was the most romantic and awesome place.

    LOVE the south.

  • I would like to take a slow meandering tour of the south. There are too many places rich with texture and history to choose just one!

  • I’m from the south (grew up in Tennessee and went to school at Alabama); however, since I moved away 10 years ago I’ve been wanting to take a tour of southern cities to show off the region to my Venezuelan husband. I think my top three cities to visit would be Savannah, Charleston, and Asheville – all three cities are so beautiful and have so much culture (not to mention amazing food!). :)

  • I would love to explore rural Alabama where my grandmother’s family lived for generations.

  • Penland,NC would be the place I would love to visit. They have a school for learning pottery, metal working and wood working. I have always wanted to learn how to throw a pot. So Penland would be the top of my list of places to visit in the South. Thank you for this awesome contest. Good luck with the book.

  • Asheville please! I was only able to visit for a brief hour or two and fell in love HARD!

  • I would love to visit the islands off south carolina. I was there once and would love to visit again

  • i have family in georgia so i’ve been there many times. i have also been to new orleans a long time ago but i would love to go back with my husband and visit some of the ethnic communities there instead of just hanging around in the french quarters.

  • I would love to visit Austin, TX. I’m from Kentucky and I’d love to visit some Southwestern cities!

  • i’d love to visit Savannah, GA.eat a Georgia peach-that’s a must do in my life!!

  • Austin, TX has been calling my name for a while now. I have been fortunate enough to make the rounds in the South and would love to revisit a few places (New Orleans, Savannah, FL coast for example) but Austin is on my list. Food and music are two of my favorite things and I hear the city of Austin might agree with me.

  • Clemson, SC ! Cute little town, great football weekends in the fall, perfect weather in the spring, and the disney world equivalent for colleges. There’s something in those hills…

  • It has always been a dream of mine to visit the beauty of the South. I’m still looking forward to experiencing the Heart of the South, it’s people, the arts, the FOOD and the history that embodies this part of the country! In the meantime, I would treasure Southern Markers!


  • Greenville, SC. I’ve been to just about every major city in the south on my yearly road trips, so now I’m onto the smaller towns. I hear that Greenville is the fastest growing town in the county, rich with culture and delicious food.

  • I would love to visit Atlanta, Ga. In another life I must have been a southern belle because I love all things frilly and lacy and soft..though in this life I seem to have gone for the rough textures of the wild west.

  • I would love to visit Louisiana! Several writers I admire hail from the state, and it would be such fun to visit their stomping grounds.

  • I live in suburban Florida. I’d like to visit the rural south where there are peach trees instead of palms and fields of cotton instead of golf courses.

  • Hello from Boothbay,Maine
    My son recently married a wonderful southern girl and they are living in Savannah….my big plan is to drive South this spring and visit Charleston and Savannah! I would love to take along Southern Makers and find some of these wonderful artisans!
    Actually I would really like to read the book while eating Bourbon Pecan pie at Back in the Day. Yum!!! (my son sent me the cookbook)

  • As the daughter of a Southern Belle, the South is quite literally in my blood! I was lucky enough to grow up visiting the South regularly (Raleigh, Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans…) and I’m so greatful to be a part of this history. Now, as a queer woman, I’m even more in awe of the amazingly beautiful queer communities of the South. I would love to take my partner to Asheville (a place I’ve never been despite that it’s in my momma’s home state!) and explore it’s vibrant queer and creative scenes. Hopefully one day soon!

  • A road trip down south is at the top of my travel list… I’d love nothing more than cruising through small towns, unmapped roads, local shops and restaurants. I love to see thriving communities, and meet the doers, makers and shakers that give their hometowns personality. There are so many hidden gems in the south and I cannot wait to visit them!

  • Hello from Boothbay Maine
    My son recently married a wonderful southern girl and is living in Savannah.
    I would love to take a road trip this spring and visit the Outer Banks,Charleston,and end up in Savannah…..I would take along Jennifer’s book and try to locate some of these great artisans. I would also like to share it with them,so they can explore the art scene in the South,my very New England son loves the South!!!!!

  • Nashville would be interesting, as I love music, I’ve been there as a child, but it would be more interesting as an adult. I’ve been to Kentucky several times (beautiful area), courtesy of my father & I’ve visited the Savannah, GA area. I’ve even visited a friend in Missouri, but the one place I’ve always wanted to see is New Orleans, not for the Mardi Gras thing, neccessarily, but for the history, the music & the beauty. Since Katrina, I would also like to document the recovery.

  • I’m a Mid-West girl but the South is my second home. I have always wanted to make the mecca to Natchez, MS for the spring house tour!

  • Coming from a country filled with ancient traditional arts and having recently moved to the US, I am already blown away by the art and designs that are being created here.Having said that, I have a lot more to explore and discover in this amazing country.I would love to visit Charleston ,S.Carolina as I hear a lot about its history, great food and friendly people.

  • charleston! I’ve never been anywhere in the south but a place with beaches seems like a good start!

  • Having transplanted my family from Ontario to Central California several years ago I frequently get a hankering to go back to the Atlantic Coast. One of my favorite places has to be Okrakoke Island in NC. A laid back vibe and a wonderful arts community.

  • I’m taking my first trip across the Deep South! Driving from LA to NOLA and then headed north. Excited and would love to visit people featured in the book.

  • I recently read about the Thorncrown Chapel near Eureka Springs in Arkansas and it looks so beautiful! This is definitely on the top of my list for places to visit not just for the architecture but the landscape and exploration!


  • ASHEVILLE, NC. I haven’t been in years and am dying to see the artist community I’ve heard about there, along with all the cute shops and mountain scenery. Especially now with fall colors, I’m sure its gorgeous.

  • Northwest Florida tugs my heart strings….white sandy beaches, century oak trees covered in Spanish moss and the best southern food!

  • oh so much Tennessee and North Carolina love here. makes my heart swoon. i would love to return to Chapel Hill,North Carolina, where i grew up. its been darn too long. and this time of year my folks and i would visit Chicken Bridge that was lined with jack o lanterns. oh it was the best. so much art music food. an amazing place to grow up.

  • Natchez, MS. I always wanted to visited the Longwood House which is located in Natchez. It was designed by the architect, Samuel Sloan. Growing up, my mother had an copy of his book, “Model Architect.” I spent many hours looking at his beautiful drawings. It is one one of the reasons, I went into the architecture field.

  • I know a lot of people don’t consider Florida as a part of “The South” but being born and raised there, I do! My husband and I just moved away from all of our family and friends there and I’d love to go back and visit. It’s almost bonfire season there! Also, I cannot find any good sweet tea anywhere as good as back home.

  • Having just moved to Athens fro the Pacific Northwest, I would love to learn more about small businesses in the South.

  • I would like to visit Savannah, GA. I’ve always been interested in the history of Savannah, its architecture, and its food.

  • I recently moved from Ohio to Natchitoches, Louisiana to live on a plantation as the Facilities Manager. As a new Southerner (or a Yankee as I have affectionately been referred to as) I would love to learn about the artisans in the south and plan road trips around the locations that inspire their craft.

  • I have very close friends living in Alabama that I would love to visit. They’ve been to visit us – Minnesota- but we haven’t been to visit them yet. Just have to figure out the timing. I love to travel but visiting friends is even more important to me than the specific places I get to see. If I’m visiting a friend, I get to see the place through the eyes of a local so it doesn’t really matter if it is a tourist destination.

  • I’d love to visit Jekyll Island, Georgia. Just the name is so evocative. The other islands in that string as well. There’s amazing wildlife, from what I understand, as well as historic architecture and remnants of plantations. Would love to see it and visit Clam Creek Picnic Area and Glory Beach! So old-timey, southern, and sea oriented all at once.

  • I’d love to visit Birmingham again, I met my fiancé there during a high school field trip and it would be amazing to go back and to relive those memories. I’d also love to go back to St. Augustine, FL. It is truly beautiful city with an amazing college campus. It’s one of those cities that is just so well preserved, a true gem.

  • I’d love to visit Asheville, NC. I’ve heard one too many times that I would love that city. I’m dying to see how it fits my personality so much that this many people would tell me to go! Luckily, I already live in North Carolina. So I just need to take the initiative for a weekend trip.

  • I would LOVE to see the antebellum homes…………is there a Rhett Butler in my future?


  • I have passed through Savannah before, but I have never had the time to stop and explore. I would also love to stop by Beaufort, SC.

  • I’ve never been to the South but I’ve seen photographs of it. I’d love to visit Savannah.

  • I was in Savannah, GA for about 4 hours on a Saturday a few years ago. It just wasn’t long enough, so I would love to spend a long weekend there and enjoy everything it has to offer. Such a beautiful, quaint city.

  • Whenever I go on a trip I’m unable to be ‘just a tourist;’ I want to experience at least a semblance of authentic life in my destination. New Orleans has become such a complex place: one of life, and perseverance, and heartbreak, with good food and music as the through-line. I’m hoping to make it there soon.

  • I have a fondness for the big-hearted people of the south. I have spent some time in Atlanta visiting my sister, and some day plan to visit Savannah with her.

  • Asheville and Savannah! These cities are not only romantic but seem so inspirational for the creative at heart. Can’t wait to go!

  • I’d love to go back to Charleston. We drove from Missouri, and it was a beautiful trip. But that was 19 yrs ago, and I’m ready for another visit!

  • this is karma – our son moved to New Orleans in May – my husband has been offered an opportunity to relocate w/a new job to Charlotte, NC – what are the chances….I would love to win and enjoy these projects-traveling any southern state is appealing to me. I would want to visit the small towns enjoy the antique shops and eccentric places along the way – thanks for an opportunity to win

  • If I could go, I’d go back to Savannah. I lived there in 1993, right after the Garden of Good and Evil book came out + before SCAD really, really started pumping money back into that town. I see so many blog posts about all the cool stuff there is there, now + I really miss Vinnie Van Go-Go pizza.

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Charleston, SC, and even see some of the underground railroad homes. I think it would be incredible…

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Santa Fe, first of all its a UNESCO Creative City in Design, Crafts and Folk Art, secondly because the peublo architecture is just so fascinating and miles apart from Nova Scotian vernacular..

  • I would love to visit Savannah, GA! I almost went to the school of Art & Design there instead of the school I went to in New York. Even though I ‘m happy with how things turned out, I wish I had at least visited Savannah. Hopefully I will soon!

  • I’m a California native who would LOVE to go to New Orleans. If only to eat a beignet and listen to great jazz/

  • I just moved to the charleston area and I can’t believe how lucky I am. After visiting savannah, next on my list is to see Asheville! I’d love to win this book and read about some interesting locals!

  • There are actually 2 places is love to see- Savannah Georgia and Oxford Mississippi. I’ve just heard so many wonderful things about both places, that it makes this dyed in the wool Yankee curious! :ĺ

  • Having friends in most southern states, I’d like to visit any of them. For me, the key isn’t which city, in which state to visit, it’s simply being there long enough for the southern way of life (ie: hospitality) to become ingrained in my life. If I take an extended trip to the south, I would probably start with the Carolinas. Southern shores are dreamy.

  • My goal has been a road trip through each of the southern states — last year it was Alabama. Georgia is up next, although I’ve already visited Atlanta briefly and Savannah. Can’t wait to go back in the spring and take my time exploring.

  • New Orleans! A native Charlestonian I can attest to the great food here and have heard New Orleans has a similar appeal.

  • After recently teaching myself Indigo Dyeing techniques and then presenting a workshop at my job with terrain, (the older sister store of Anthroplogie) I would love to find an adult craft workshop that I could travel to…say Penland School of Crafts, located near Spruce Pine in Mitchell County, North Carolina, northeast of Asheville. Or anywhere you can advise me to soak up some southern culture while learning a new skill!

  • I grew up in Mississippi and love the Gulf Coast area. I also would love to visit Charleston, SC. I have never been and have heard so much about it.

  • Can’t wait to read this book! It would be difficult to narrow it down to one place I’d like to visit in the south. It is the only part of the country I have not thoroughly explored. But top on my list would be New Orleans, and my Dad’s grave site at the military cemetery in central Florida.

  • Love Charleston, Savannah, Wilmington, Nashville, Atlanta…have not visited Greenville, SC or Birmingham, AL! Hear the art scene in those little cities is full of energy.

  • My dad grew up as an army brat and moved all over the South growing up. His mother’s side of the family was based in Arkansas, though, and he seems to speak the most fondly of visiting his grandparents in their sleepy town. That’s where I’d most like to travel to in the South!

    (Close second: if ‘Hart of Dixie’ were real, I would be in Bluebell in a heartbeat. Oh, the eye candy to be had!)

  • I have always dreamed of visiting Savannah, Georgia. Not only do I love Paula Deen and southern comfort food, but this quaint historic town is right up my alley for a good vacation spot, or so I’ve heard.

  • I can’t wait to read this book! I’ve migrated to southeast Virginia from the midwest and ADORE the South. My husband and I are hoping to take a trip to Charleston this year.

  • After finally getting to Asheville and Savannah over the summer, Nashville is next on my list.

  • I’m fortunate to live in Charleston and have a small cabin outside of Asheville but there are lots of place in the south on my “to visit” list. Nashville is one of them.

  • That book looks so beautiful and inspirational! Next year, I’m planning a roadtrip down the west coast of the US, but the South is on my list to visit next. I’ve heard so much about Savannah and Charleston. I can’t wait to go!

  • Bring from North Carolina and my father is a potter, this book hit home for me! I would love to visit Asheville, NC, right now. The fall leaves will be so beautiful and everyone is starting to wear warm and cozy sweaters!

  • I grew up in California, live in Brooklyn now, and have still never been to the South! I would love to visit Asheville! I have heard they have amazing veg-friendly fare.

  • I’d love to visit Austen, Texas for it’s cool music and food scene. And one of my childhood friends live there now so it would be great to reconnect and let her show me around her city!

  • I just moved to the South and it’s magnificent. I am excited to visit Savannah and Charleston!

  • I’ve always wanted to dip my toes in the Gulf of Mexico while listening to live jazz in NOLA.

  • On a road trip from California to Connecticut and back in 2006, I caught a glimpse of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. I would love to spend a summer at Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and then spend a month or two in Savannah. Ah, to dream.

  • I just moved to Arkansas, and I am really excited to explore more of this region! First up will be Fayetteville. Savannah and Charleston are of course top of the list as well!

  • Baton Rouge or Oxford, Mississippi. I’ve met quite a few few people from both places.

  • Love, love, love the low country of SC…murrells inlet/georgetown /charleston…I’m beginning a collection of sweet grass baskets with elephant ears and am highly interested in face jugs. And the food…absolutely yummy!!! I’m a born yankee (PA) but when I go to the low country it makes my heart sing.

  • I live in this wonderful world but I would like for YOU to come meet some incredible Southern Makers in Pike Road, Al. You just won’t believe it!!

  • I’m looking at snow from my window right now so it’s lovely to think about the south – the food, the music, the stories and art and the people. Georgia please :)

  • Savannah…to walk around, take pictures to use back home in the studio, look at everything I can, eat and just hang out….bliss.

  • i would love to go to asheville. and the parthenon in nashville. i guess a lot of southern “villes”.

  • I would love to do an extended rod trip, hitting the major cities on the Atlantic, dipping down to Key West, exploring the Everglades, heading west along the Gulf coast and ending (maybe!) in New Orleans. Someday!

  • I live in the South, but have yet to visit Oxford, MS and would love to take a short trip there soon.

  • I have always wanted to visit the Gullah Islands on the coast in South Carolina.
    Historically and culturally rich, its the kind of place I imagine creativity abounds and ancestors inhabit your dreams.

  • Floyd, Virginia, where I’ve heard the traditional music, arts, crafts, and scenery are great!

  • I live in the south (North Carolina), and I’d love to go to Athens, Georgia because I hear the music scene is incredible.

  • Thanks to Design Sponge for my winning copy of Southern Makers! I love it… and it is inducing some creative wanderlust indeed!

  • My husband and I did a southern roadtrip honeymoon. A night out in Nasheville, 2 nights of Widespread Panic (one at The Woods Amphitheatre, the next in Alpharetta). Railroad Earth in Memphis, TN and Harvest Fest in Ozark, Arkansas. But on our brief stay in Asheville, NC, something just clicked. I fell in love and crazily tried to devise ways not to leave. We are heading that way again in just a couple of days here and I’m hoping to make it there during the summer as well. I think we are both hoping it becomes a vacation home to us.

  • Beautiful book, thank you so much for highlighting young southern folks making things. Would love to see your next book highlighting all of the many generations of elders that made things that have never been photographed, interviewed or had a spotlight shine upon their un-hipster lifestyles. Kind of like a thank you to all of the old mill workers, potters, cooks, seamstresses and the like who made up most of the population of the south before big box stores shut everything down. It wasn’t that long ago, you know. Most of those folks are still alive and a whole lot of them are still looking for work. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!