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A Tiny Studio Made to Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel Suite

by Amy Azzarito

Living in New York City, you sometimes have to sacrifice space for location but that certainly doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Two years ago, when interior designer Jana Bek moved into this tiny apartment in New York City’s Financial District, she decided that rather than try to hide the bed away, she’d treat the apartment like a luxurious hotel room. Jana specializes in e-design (affordable interior design done through Facetime, phone and email correspondence rather than face-to-face meetings). She put her bargain hunting skills to the test when creating this space -which is a mixture of high/low – so an Ikea console stands next to a Saarinen coffee table, with plenty of One Kings Lane and Etsy scores throughout the space. Her goal was to create a space that was as welcoming as it was relaxing- so when the couple entertains, they simply pull the stools out from under the window and gather around the coffee table.  Thanks, Jana! Thanks to Erik Melvin for the lovely photographs! –Amy

Image above: The couch was custom made by Mary McDonald (not for me!) I purchased it in a One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag sale.The gallery wall took patience because I wanted to find pieces I loved – when I was a buyer at One Kings Lane – John Derian made an exclusive collection of prints – I was obsessed with every one, so there are a few of those, Etsy finds, & two artists I frequently use in client’s homes Jen Ramos & Randa Salloum.

Image above: The vintage bark cloth pillows were the inspiration for the palette of the room, another fabulous Etsy find; unfortunately I bought everything she had.


See all the details of this tiny NYC apartment after the jump!


Image above: Most of the decorative items are from Etsy, styled on West Elm lacquer trays – I’m a sucker for both!


Image above: The duvet is vintage Pottery Blan (aka 5 years ago) the pattern reminded me of Bamboo – I want to petition they bring it back.

Image above: I’m always asked where the Buddha is from – ABC Home in NYC; what a treasure trove that store is!








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  • Lovely space! I also have a teeny tiny room, but needing clothes storage prevents me from doing anything exciting with it. I’d love to hear how Jana managed to work around it, since I didn’t see any obvious closet or dresser space in the photos.

  • As a habitual tiny-apartment dweller, I’m morbidly curious about exactly how small the place is. Square footage? I love it when these come with a floorplan…

    It’s a delightful little jewel box, and the images themselves are great!

  • Thanks all! to answer a few questions:

    Katrina – I am blessed to have a pretty nice sized closet – it’s on wall next to sofa, that why you don’t see it, also on the wall there is a series of cabinets at the ceiling.

    Jessica- they are World’s Away side tables!

    Ariel – it’s 700 square feet

  • WOW! What a great little space! Very bright and fresh. Just wish there were more pictures of the bath and kitchenette areas.

  • I like it because it’s “Real”. Too many times you see these rooms and then a ‘sketch’. There’s no way that you could fit everything in a room. Here it’s a well thought out design. The space is very light and uplifting. I also like the concept of E-Design. Most of us are too busy to spend tons of time with designers and contractors.

  • Love the brightness and color choices in the space. I’m sad about the prevalence of dead animal skins as rugs in the apartment. This trend isn’t cool.

  • I love to see designs of small spaces. So much more fun than those big houses with more room than anybody needs. I live in 500 sq.ft. but I have a (very small) bedroom so I don’t need to have the bed in the same room with the sofa. But this looks amazing. Love the color scheme.

  • Thanks for the info, Jana! I lived in a 340 square foot 1-bedroom, my smallest space to date. It may have been easier to lay if it had a studio, but I was sharing it with a man and a good-sized dog, so I liked that I could put a door between us if need be. I’m now in a studio about the size of yours. You’ve inspired me!

  • What a truly amazing space. I love everything about it. Wish you would feature more inspiring small spaces on your site!

  • Can you tell me what technique you used to paint the ceramic lamp? Do you have to be very careful with it so the dk. pink doesn’t rub off?

  • I love the colors, everything! This is a one posh & fun studio! I feel that’s a hard combination but you nailed it girl!

  • This tiny studio is so fresh, comfortable and stylish! When you have a small space sometimes you have to think outside the box! With a few clever organization tricks, a small space can feel uncluttered and uncrowded.