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Small but Stylish: a 250 square foot NYC Bachelor Pad

by Amy Azzarito

Bradley Hunter apt,
Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright of J+G Design designed this apartment for a 28-year-old young male professional in NYC who works in digital advertising. The client is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but had been living in NYC for the past five years. He had a budget of $5,000 for this small -250 square foot – apartment, and was tempted to just buy all his furnishings from one store. But Jennifer and Georgie talked him out of that! They were able to make the most of the budget by keeping the color palette neutral and then infusing color and character via the accessories. Their client is an avid health nut and tennis player, so they incorporated those aspects of his personality through the juice bar aka the new wet bar as well as with the vintage tennis racquet headboard. This design team defines their style as an  old-meets-new design aesthetic, and they aim to lead a new generation to value antiques. It’s the perfect look for a first grown-up apartment.  – Thanks Georgie and Jennifer! And thanks to Vicente Munoz for the lovely photos! –Amy

Image above: The kitchen table is from InMod and the chairs were vintage finds from Housing Works. The white apple on the table was found at CB2. The 2 dog portraits were by Andrew a painter selling art in Central Park. The indoor/outdoor rug was found at a CB2 sale

Bradley Hunter apt,
Image above: The bedding was picked up at a DwellStudio Warehouse Sale. The yellow bedside lamp was a Craigslist find. The valet is from the ’60s and was founded at the Boston Flea. The large clock is from CB2.


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Bradley Hunter apt,
Image above: The area rug and the nightstands were  found on Overstock. The bedroom curtains and hardware are from West elm.

Bradley Hunter apt,
Image above: The tennis racquet collection came from Etsy.

Bradley Hunter apt,

Bradley Hunter apt,

Bradley Hunter apt,
Image above: The butterfly chair is from Design on a Dime. The reading lamp is a vintage 1960s piece and came from the Boston Flea Market. The small side table is from CB2 and the wicker magazine basket that houses the client’s Nintendo is Nate Berkus for Target. The artwork is a 1974 Lithograph of Penn Station- framed by J. Pocker, signed 88/100

Bradley Hunter apt,

Image above: The juice cart is from CB2. 1948 Coca Cola Crate (special to client because he is from Atlanta, which is the CC headquarters)- Boston Flea Market (SOWA)

Bradley Hunter apt,

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  • I love the dog pictures! This place looks great.

    Just an FYI – not too many people I know in Boston would refer to the SOWA Open Market as the Boston Flea. For a point of reference I live down the street from it and had no idea what you were talking about until I saw SOWA in small print.

  • Wow! They did a great job on keeping it light and open while working with such a small space. I love how they were able to incorporate his love of tennis into the piece on the wall. Very creative!

  • Emily – I was wondering if it was just a name for something and had nothing to do with Boston til your comment. Literally never in my life heard it referred to as such and have been a vendor at SOWA for years

  • I’ve been thinking about transitioning to a smaller place closer to, or in, NYC, so all these posts about small spaces have been so helpful! :)

  • They did a really great job – wall art and minimal furniture is key. But he’s also lucky that he has a separate kitchen nook! I had a similar situation in my 350 sq ft Brooklyn studio and it made the place feel more homey than a boxy one room studio.

  • This is fantastic! I love the sitting corner with chair, table and lamp. If I was this bachelor i would love sitting there reading tails of the crypt books series while sipping on a digestive (likely green tea) after a nice Choza chicken burrito bowl dinner.

  • Beautifully done! What a great space to come home to, a real oasis, all clean, pristine, yet full of personality. Heck, there’s even room for a cat or small dog there!

  • Nice use of 5000K!, however as junk shop aficionado/dealer I have to contest the “vintage” provenance of the reproduction kitchen chairs. Just cause they’re from Housing works doesn’t mean they are old. Sorry to burst any bubbles.

  • They nailed it. It’s perfect. Every single thing–the mustard gold lamp in the bedroom with the slatey eggplant drapery…Nintendo basket…and perhaps my favorite touch of all, the lovely J. Pocker litho of Penn Station, with it’s tall, airy, open arches. What a pleasure this post is, what a joy to see the achievement of creativity and vision.

  • Wonderful!
    To the other viewers; enough with the nasties. Show your home, so others can enjoy.