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DIY Leather Coasters

by Natalie Stopka

D_S coaster.11 copy
These leather coasters are inspired by the geometric patterns of Islamic tile design. Three beautiful traditional tessellating patterns have been converted to easily followed paper patterns for you. The coasters are double sided and can be used individually for drinks or in a group as a lovely trivet. A quick and easy project, they make a great hostess or housewarming gift! –Natalie

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A note about materials: Leather can be quite expensive, so use re-purposed leather or craft grade hides from a tannery you trust. Artificial leather will also work, and depending on the finish may not need a sealant. Here I have used a thin cognac colored deer hide and backed it with a thicker suede (called a “split”). For thick leathers there is no need to use two layers unless you would like the additional color.

D_S coaster.10
D_S coaster.4

-leather – about 14” square for ten 3.5” coasters printed pattern – see below
-low tack painter’s tape
-self-healing mat
-fine utility knife
-leather protector or acrylic finisher
optional: leather adhesive such as Aleene’s or PVA (polyvinyl acetate) & craft brush
-Downloadable Tile patterns (Pattern 1, Pattern 2, Pattern 3)


-Select the tile pattern you would like to reproduce and print to your desired scale. I scaled the pattern to 160% for coasters about 3.5” across.

-If you would like to adhere two leathers together, do so now with the leather adhesive and a large craft brush.

D_S coaster.5

-Tack the paper pattern to the suede surface of the leather using painter’s tape. Place tape beneath each segment of the pattern, so it will stay firmly in place as you cut.

D_S coaster.6

-Working on the self-healing mat, cut out the coasters using a sharp utility knife and ruler. Don’t think about how much that leather cost or worry about making every intersection perfect, leather is surprisingly forgiving. Trim any stray bits or inner corners with small scissors once the coasters have been cut.

D_S coaster.7
D_S coaster.9

-Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to seal both sides with acrylic finish or water protector. Make certain to use an appropriate product on the suede surface.


Hollander’s imitation leather
Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
Dharma Trading Co.

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