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DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards

by Grace Bonney

DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards 1
My husband and I recently moved from a 600 square foot condo in DC to a 3-bedroom house in Nashville. In our old place, all of my DIYing happened exclusively in the middle of our living room floor, so while I think I’ll always have a place in my heart for small-space living, I’m certainly enjoying the luxury of having space for my own office. When planning the space, I knew that I wanted a minimalist but attractive way to keep to-do lists, calendars, ideas, and inspiration in plain sight. Thus, the idea of these gold and acrylic clipboards was born. Making your own seriously could not be any easier, and I can only imagine all the ways that these can be customized with different paint colors and backing board materials. –Mandy Pellegrin

DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards 3

The full how-to continues after the jump!

DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards - Materials
cut acrylic*
extra large binder clips
gold spray paint
screw hooks

*For the cut acrylic, I used an online vendor to have 8 pieces of 1/2″ thick acrylic custom cut to 9″ x 12″ for about five bucks a piece. With shipping costs (which can run high), all eight of my pieces ran me just under $70. However, all the big box hardware stores sell thinner, pre-cut 8″ x 10″ pieces for under three bucks each.


1. Spray paint the binder clips gold.

DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards - Step 1

2. Install evenly-spaced screw hooks in your wall.

DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards - Step 2

3. Place the clips onto the center top of the acrylic sheets and hang.

DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards 2
DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards 4

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