Makeshift Society BROOKLYN: Support The Co-Working Cause

by Grace Bonney

One of the hardest parts of being a freelancer or small business owner is doing everything on your own. From figuring out problems and finding solutions to having someone to bounce ideas off of and get advice from- it’s tough to take care of everything you need as one person. The beauty of the co-working movement that’s sprouted across the country is that it both acknowledges the issue and provides a solution- or at least the tools for one- in a single affordable space. And for me, no one has provided a solution as creative and comprehensive as Makeshift Society. Founder Rena Tom has worked tirelessly for the last year on her San Francisco branch (today is SF Makeshift’s 1 year anniversary!) and as of today, she’s starting the funding for Makeshift’s first expansion to Brooklyn, NY.

I’ve been proud to call Rena a friend since the early days of this site, and to say that I am in awe of her dedication and hardwork with Makeshift would be a massive understatement. No one knows how to solve a problem like Rena. She saw the issues freelancers and creative business owners were facing and provided not only a place for them to work together and collaborate, but brought them experts, advice, classes, tools, libraries and anything else she thought they might need to succeed. I’ve been jealous of San Francisco for getting such an incredible space, so when I heard Brooklyn was next I was thrilled.

There are a number of co-working spaces in New York already, but Makeshift is different and it’s incredibly special. It’s a creative working clubhouse like none other. Rena and her business partner Bryan Boyer (another D*S favorite) have done extensive and exhaustive research with New Yorkers to figure out what their unique needs are and starting early next year, an incredible space in Williamsburg will be opening to meet those needs.

Amy and I were thrilled to be a part of this Kickstarter video (to raise funds for a creative tool library and possibly a community newspaper) and couldn’t be prouder of what Makeshift Brooklyn is going to bring to the amazing creative community here in New York. While we have our own office, we are planning on getting a team membership so we have a chance to take part in the classes, activities, mixers and collaboration that can only happen in a space like there were so many different types of business owners work together in one space (I’ll be serving on the advisory board, too). If you have the means to donate anything to this great organization, please lend a hand right here. You can read all about Makeshift Brooklyn right here on their Kickstarter page and get details on what the new space will include (it’s 4x the size of the SF space!) and what the funds will make possible. Congratulations to Rena and Bryan- we are so happy for them and can’t wait to be there when the doors open at Makeshift Society Brooklyn! xo, grace

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  • Beautiful post. I think Ambition is the most important quality, because sometimes it’s very difficult to do everything by our own, you’re right. But because of that, the proud is bigger than everything !


  • Theres is one foto in the Kickstarter campaign that really summed up the whole project and is absolutly beautiful :
    Who dares Wins by photographer and Makeshift memberSarah Daragon
    Check it out !