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DIY Project: Color Blocked Boxes

by Natalie Stopka


Inspired by the color blocking and icy blue tones walking the runway this fall, this practical set of organizational boxes for the office is created in sophisticated shades of pale blue, black, and camel. The diagonal bands of color blocking are a chic detail, and deceptively easy to make! –Natalie



Materials for two boxes, 8” square by 4 1/2” tall

-5 large sheets medium weight colored craft paper, such as Canford or Canson Mi-Tientes ruler
-utility knife
-teflon folder
-masking tape

D_S box.1


Select 5 sheets of colored paper in a variety of hues. The sheets must be at least 18×24” to follow the dimensions here, though the project can easily be resized once you get the hang of the folding.

For the box tops: Cut two sheets down to 17” square. Stack them together, then make another cut parallel to one side. The cut should be somewhere between quarter – halfway across the sheet. Rearrange the pieces; now you should have two 17” squares of two colors each. Attach the pieces of each square with a seam of masking tape.

D_S box.3

D_S box.2

For the box bottoms: Cut one sheet of paper in half lengthwise. Attach the long side of each half to the long side of the remaining two sheets with a masking tape seam. Cut each of these down to 24” square.

The following steps for folding both the top and bottom are the same, except for the height of the sides.

Fold two adjacent corners together and pinch at the halfway point to make a small mark on the edge. Repeat for each side.

With the masking tape facing up, lay a straightedge between adjacent pinch marks and use the teflon folder to score a line. This tool will give you a clean crease in the thick paper without burnish marks. Fold the corner in along the score and crease with the teflon folder. Repeat for each corner. You should now have a square measuring 12” for the box top or 17” for the box bottom.*

Score and fold a line parallel to each edge of the square. For the box top it will be 1 7/8” from the edge, and for the box bottom it will be 4 1/2” from the edge. You should now have an interior square measuring 8 1/4” for the box top or 8” for the box bottom.

Unfold one side and push the folds at its corners inward. Refold the side over the inverted corners, creating the side of the box. Repeat for the opposite side. Secure the flaps at the center of the box with a small piece of tape.

*To calculate the size of this folded square using the original paper size, multiply the original length x height, then divide that in half. The square root of this number is the size of the folded square.


D_S box.5

D_S box.6

D_S box.7

D_S box.9

D_S box.10




Dick Blick

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  • This type of box is part of my childhood memories, one of our babysitters taught us to do these when I was a kid. Thanks for the reminder and proposing to mix colours together while making bigger boxes than your actual cardboard would normally allow.

  • I really love collecting different boxes with different designs and colors. This tutorial shown above is really very interesting. I will surely give this a try. Thank you very much for sharing this post.