Bolivian Blankets

by Grace Bonney

The weather is finally starting to cool down some and I’m thrilled about the prospect of taking air conditioners out of the windows and adding a few more blankets to the bed. While the majority of my home is now a black & white color scheme, I’m always excited to add little splashes of pink here and there. Mainly that comes in the form of table linens right now, but these Bolivian blankets would be a great way to switch things up. Made of wool, their slightly over-sized nature would make them perfect for a full sofa throw or even a small area rug. I love a bit of color in an unexpected place, so I’d love to see one of these in a dressing room or maybe a small powder room. That pink is sure to wake you up and make the space feel fresh and current. Click here to check out the full range and order online ($228-$448). xo, grace


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  • I love those. They look so cosy and have somewhat a vintage appeal to them. Personally, I prefer more colours in my home, even though my bedroom is currently in a cool blue monochromatic colour scheme. However, I would love to add something like that to my son’s nursery.

    Best wishes,

    Melanie from http://paulscleaningmelbourne.com.au/

  • Those are so cozy – I bought a similar blanket when I was in Chile. The price however – woah! I guess it’s the price of design. Sigh. I payed around 40€ (50USD) for mine and that was the most expensive thing I bought during my time there.

    • kafka-

      kelly made a good point- they’re definitely less expensive in their country of origin, but you have to pay to travel there, too ;)


  • love these! i just returned from a trip to la paz and came back with one of these very blankets. they’re just as pretty in person! :)

  • Wow, they really look somewhat vintage, but at the same time I guess they will keep your feet warm during the colder months. I love the colour scheme too and consider buying some of these for the room of my son. He is keen on vintage furniture, floor coverings and so on.

    Best regards, Tom

  • Would love one of those blankets to throw on a nice old wooden table. They would definitely lighten up a room. Love that style!!!
    Going to check out etsy.com. Thanks Laura


  • @Kafka, $50 USD sounds like a lot especially of you bought it from there. At least its a nice memento and something that will last.

  • These blankets are just SO awesome. They look knockout in any setting! Granted they are horribly expensive in the US and you wont find them in Europe for love nor money…

    I bought a load in Bolivia when I was there, at around $25 each they were the worlds biggest bargain…however the post is not a bargain!! I evicted my cheap old clothes and filled my bags with blankets!! I love them.