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behind the bar: pharmacie’s roman holiday

by Kristina Gill


Summer is over, but the best time to take a holiday in Italy is just starting.  Despite the oppressive heat, I personally prefer to stay in Rome in August when the city is empty, cars aren’t double and triple parked and on the sidewalk blocking all the pictures you may want to take of monuments and other beautiful things, and since the economy is so bad, many places stay open for most if not all of August.  From September is when I plan my holidays to escape the crowds and the noisy traffic, as the Romans return from their holidays, and the influx of tourists comes, especially in October, one of Rome’s peak tourist seasons.  For anyone who is about to embark on a vacation, or is just coming back, this week’s cocktail, the Roman Holiday by Pharmacie, is perfect planning or decompression.  Enjoy!  –Kristina

About Pharmacie

Talmadge Lowe began his days behind the bar at Orso in NYC, where cocktails mattered long before the recent boom in cocktail culture.  Not long after relocating to LA, he founded Pharmacie: a private, underground speakeasy with an emphasis on cocktail creation and experimentation. Now turned public, Pharmacie is available for any and all craft cocktail needs. Always happy to tend to the thirsty, Pharmacie (and Talmadge) is available for private events, small or large, as well as mixology workshops, cocktail programs, and lectures on the craft.  Talmadge and his Pharmacie barmen are nothing short of cocktail specialists who take cues from the classics, honor the standards and invent original ideas with every drink they create.  Try Pharmacie’s 1966 Cosmopolitan in our archives.  (Portraits of Talmadge by Caroline Tran)

See Pharmacie’s cocktail recipe after the jump.



The Roman Holiday

Serves one

  • 1.5oz rum (any aged or dark – except Meyer’s -works well)
  • 1.5oz orgeat (non-alcoholic almond based syrup)
  • 1.5oz Punt e Mes
  • fresh nutmeg

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously.  Grate nutmeg on top right before serving.

Why Talmadge loves this cocktail

It’s elegant simplicity. The unusual combination of spirits and mixer all contribute to making this feel like an undiscovered classic.  Plus, it is literally the perfect drink for a Holiday Cocktail Party.


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