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A Hoboken Home Decorated Like a Colorful, Vintage Wardrobe

by anne

Jessie Artigue is a style expert & digital marketing strategist with a handful of different creative projects going at any given time. Most of her time is spent blogging at her fashion/lifestyle site, Style & Pepper or coordinating Pepperologie, a creative lifestyle workshop she hosts. Today we have a peek inside her Hoboken, NJ home where she and her husband Gerard Brown, and their rescue pup and therapy dog, Sadie Mae, have been for almost two years. Jessie tends to decorate her home much like how she builds her wardrobe. She’s drawn to colorful and vintage items that make her feel good, and tries to use them to create an approachable, interesting and lived-in look. Beyond style she’s created a home that friends, family and neighbors always know their door is always open for visitors. Stay tuned for Jessie’s latest project launching soon – a new platform all about seeking happiness called The Smile Parlor. Many thanks, Jessie and Sara Kerens Photography for the beautiful images. –Anne

Image above: The hanging printed silk piece, the macrame planter and the copper watering pot were all garage sale finds that came with us when we moved here from Kansas City, MO.  The print is by one of my favorite artists Leigh Viner. The walls are Silver Drop by Behr.

Image above: We recently painted our bedroom this deep blue color – Behr’s Nocturne Blue – that almost looks like a cross between navy and deep teal.  Our bedding is a mix-match of West Elm, Pottery Barn & DKNY, and the floral pillow is actually just a giant scarf tied around a plain insert.  The trunk at the foot of our bed was a hand-me down from my parents that they found at an antique store in Arizona.


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Image above: The couch was a Craigslist score ($50!) and is a 1962 sofa that was in its original plastic wrap when we bought it and had never been used.  We keep meaning to have it recovered, but for now, have the cushions wrapped and tacked in Turkish fouta towels and floral fabric.  The best part about it is that the bottom piece pulls out into a trundle and the whole thing turns into a (very comfortable!) queen sized bed which is perfect for hosting guests.  When we have dinner parties, it become bench seating for our foldable table, and the coffee tables become stools for the other side.

Image above: The credenza and mirror in the background are actually a part of my bedroom set from when I was a teenager.  The drawers are great for general storage, and the mirror really helps brighten up the room.  The arrow light hung above is from Urban Outfitters, and the lamps, plant stand, pots and frames are all thrifted.  The black and white portrait is a piece by a dear friend of mine, Meg Biram.  I’m pretty sure it’s just a random girl, but I like to think it’s me.

Image above: This little corner of the living room holds most of our books, and lots of little trinkets that we’ve accumulated along our travels and different parts of our marriage.  The framed photo on top is one of my favorites that we used as an engagement announcement about 8 years ago. [Now] we’re chasing after a trolley car near where we used to live in San Diego.

Image above: The tree is a dwarf meyer lemon, and was a gift from my husband when we lived in Kansas City.  I grew up on an old citrus grove in Scottsdale, and miss having fruit trees nearby.  The lounger was another $50 Craigslist find from when we lived in Kansas City, MO.  The two hanging art pieces are originals by one of our dearest friends, Jeremy Collins. The windows are painted in Behr’s Decorator White.

Image above: The gallery wall above our mantle was one of the first things we arranged when we first moved in.  The large wrought iron piece in the middle was a wedding gift from my parents that they found in an antique store in San Diego. The driftwood branch was one that we found washed up on the little cove in Hoboken, and I love bringing in pieces that remind us of when we used to live near the sea in San Diego.  The white and gold vessel is a prized possession by Jonathan Adler (it holds the ashes of our beloved kitty who passed away), and everything else is a thrift store find.

Image above: This bar cart is solid iron with black glass shelves and is one of my favorite garage sale finds EVER.  I nabbed it for $45 in Kansas City and it weighs almost 100 lbs.  I usually have a rotating selection of herbs/edible plants growing here (it’s right next to the kitchen), and the onions and celery pictured didn’t last long!  The picnic basket was a wedding gift and holds hostess gifts that we take with us when we visit friends, and all of the barware and trinkets on top were thrifted.

Image above: The coffee tables are actually these stools from West Elm, and the marbled ceramic pot is from my favorite store in Hoboken, called Mackey Blue.  The rug was an ebay find, and I’m in love with the vibrant color, but also appreciate that it hides wine stains fabulously – great for a high-traffic area in the home of a hostess!

Image above: The entry way table was a hand-me-down from my Nana, and the shelf was another Mackey Blue find, but it originally came from an old fixture in a photographer’s studio.  

Image above: Garage sale suitcases hold out of season holiday decorations, and an empty birdcage occupies vertical space above the armoire-turned-entertainment system.  Love that our TV lives behind the doors, and that we can hide it away when we entertain.

Image above: The little breakfast bar in our kitchen is where we eat dinner together in the evenings, and it’s also my assistant’s desk when she comes to work at the house.  More herbs, a framed photo of my husband and I, and an antique cuckoo clock that my Papa gave to my Nana as a wedding gift make the little nook feel like a special little spot.

Image above: I made the curtain out of silk scarves when we lived in Kansas City, but they didn’t fit any of our windows when we moved here to Hoboken, so we use them as a little partition hung from the ceiling, and I love how they seem to create a separate space between the living room and the kitchen.

Image above: The art, lamp and trinkets are all thrift store finds EXCEPT for the lettering print by my friend Tad Carpenter  that actually came from his own Design*Sponge sneak peek!  It says “What I love most about my home is who I share it with,” and we whole-heartedly agree.  The pitcher is by a local NJ ceramicist and is from a little shop in Hoboken called Urban Nesters.

Image above: This tiny little corner of the living room is my desk space and acts as the Style & Pepper command center.  I made the pillow & bulletin board from scraps of vintage fabric, and the lamp is from The Land of Nod.  The desk and chair are actually a vintage set from an old barracks aboard a Naval ship, and the shelving is a metal bookshelf that rests right on top.

Image above: After moving across the country to an urban area, we’ve had to learn to be very creative with our space and storage.  My hats hang along the top of one of our bedroom walls, and the hooks on the back of the door hold my vintage silk robe collection.  Most of my necklaces hang here on nails and on this DIY driftwood hanger that I made to custom fit this space.

Image above: Sunglasses hiding in a drawer of the China cabinet. The embroidered case is by Jonathan Adler  and I love anything of his that has been monogrammed because we share the same initials!

Image above: My husband built the clothing rack in my corner of the room out of metal piping from the hardware store, and the cabinets underneath hold out of season shoes.  The rack holds some of my most colorful vintage pieces, and I love using some of the best bits of my wardrobe as a part of our bedroom decor.  The shelves that hold my handbags above are from Ikea, and the stool and art are both vintage/thrifted.

Image above: More creative storage!  This accessories counter in our room is actually a dining room hutch (and hand-me-down from Nana) that used to hold our dishes and serving utensils when we had a proper dining room.  The glass cupboard doors are perfect for my prettiest heels, my boots stay lined up on top, and the dress form holds a few special pieces that deserve to be displayed instead of stored.

Image above: Our nightstands were vintage finds that a dear friend of ours found on Craigslist and refinished but ended up not using in her own space. I love the way they pop against our dark walls, and the glossy white paint seems to help brighten up the space quite a bit.  My ukelele was a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband, and the books are an ever-rotating line up of favorites.  

Image above: Knick knacks and favorite jewels are displayed in these vintage dishes that were each a gift from my mom and my aunt.

Image above: The cheeky print is from Jess Lively, and the fruit basket above was a thrifted find that now holds my silk scarf collection.  I always keep scented candles and favorite beauty products corralled on a vintage floral tray, and love drawing little hearts and affirmations on our mirror in lipstick. The walls are Offshore Mist by Behr.

Image above: Sweet Sadie girl is only allowed on one piece of furniture, and it’s this mid-century chair that I found on the side of the road in Kansas City and recovered in this geometric  fabric by Alexander Henry.  She spends most of her days curled up on the sheepskin throw from Ikea or looking out the window at the dog park across the street. (Don’t worry – we take her to play with her friends almost every afternoon!)

Image above: My right hand gal!  My husband and I are passionate about rescue animals, and we saved Sadie from a shelter in Kansas City, MO.  She’s 5 1/2 years old and loves popcorn, frozen blueberries and volunteering as a therapy dog in her spare time. I can honestly say that she brightens the lives of everyone she meets!



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  • I could comment on almost every photo. What a wonderful home. I think I’ll be looking at the pictures over and over because I keep seeing something I didn’t see the first time I looked. Thanks so much for sharing it. .

  • Thank you for the home invite. You have wonderful style & taste. One of my biggest pet peeves is to see rooms where everything is matching. That seems to staged . You have a wonderful home and by the last picture a great friend to share it with .

  • YAY JESSIE! I love seeing your home come to life in these photos, it looks amazing. Such a true reflection of a truly amazing couple!

  • So beautiful Jessie and Gerard! Love your home and am so glad I’ve gotten to see it and witness your lovely hospitality firsthand.

  • I love the entryway shot. I too have the Gay Philosopher portrait, acquired from an estate sale, along with a matching bust and a double deck of cards. (His wife’s pretty too.) I was simply drawn to it by its richness of color. Haven’t ever put it on display…my husband’s eyebrows went funny when he saw it. But you have inspired me! Lovely home!

  • Thanks for sharing your home with us! I think every single photo was just full of eye candy :)

  • Lovely home. Jessie should know that the trunk at the foot of her bed could be valuable (although it looks like it may be painted). One great thing it has going for it is that one of handles, hopefully both (only one was pictured) seems to be intact, rare for a piece this age. I have one like it, handles disintegrated but still worth several hundred dollars, but again if she painted it……

  • Loved the way they incorporated their “stuff” into their home. My favorite I think is the display over the fireplace.

  • Jessie, I love your entire home and the vignettes you create! We miss you in Kansas City! : ) Congratulations on the sneak peak and your new website!

    Geri, manager at Good Ju Ju in the West Bottoms, Kansas City, MO

  • Thanks. In this age of minimalism see your house make feel a very calid hug.All you have is beatiful and your kind of decorate is unique.

    Patty, México City.

  • Super, especially the blue wall. I’m going to paint my whole hallway a royal blue, and I love to see examples of other peoples blue rooms. The hanging basket for scarfs is just great, we have one here (it used to hold fruit). but now we don’t have the place for it. But we do have an awful lot of scarfs. Win win!

  • I’ve always admired your fashionable self…it’s so neat to get a peek into your fashionable home too. And so fun to see items from MackeyBlue come to life there. Thanks for sharing Jessie and Design*Sponge!

  • Wow, these things really shows your great creativity. I am really crazy about your creativity. And according to me these are really the finest thing as a home decor. Thanks for the sharing some great of post forever.