Weekend Almanac

by Grace Bonney

Say hello to my new favorite publication, Weekend Almanac. Run by two incredibly talented women, Lauren Ladoceour and Ali Zeigler, Weekend Almanac is a beautifully designed ode to the creative community, viewed through the sleepy, luxurious and somewhat hazy lens of weekends. The WA site explains that, “Life happens on the weekend, and we tried to pack in all the good stuff (dinner parties, recipes, day trips, art projects) inside these pages to help you have a good one before Monday calls you back to the grind.” Their debut 64-page issue celebrates everything from surfing communities in San Francisco to hangover cures and seasonal foods. I love the slightly foggy, sleepy feel of the photography and design of this first edition. That feel captures weekend life perfectly and reminds me to cling tightly to the last few weeks of summer sleep-in days.

The first edition of Weekend Almanac is part of a limited edition 500 copies, so if you’re interested in picking up a copy, click here to check it out and order your own (ad-free) copy with tons of inspiring content from writers, photographers, designers and makers across the country. A big virtual high-five to Lauren and Ali! xo, grace


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