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Our Favorite Purple Interiors

by Shannon Grant


Whether it be lavender, blackberry, amethyst or grape, purple in nearly every shade has always been one of my favorite colors. There is something so striking and dramatic about a luscious plum velvet sofa or the palest lavender hued wall. In our last round up we found purple displayed predominantly through accents around the home – pillows, lamps, vases and even flowers. In this new round up, it appears people are going a bolder route, painting purple on not only walls, but in one case the ceiling or even a fireplace mantle. Here are 14 of our favorites. Shannon

Image above: Purple Togo sofa in Iwona Ludyga and Mike Mazor’s home.

Image above: Bright and shiny purple table in Jenny Brandt’s kitchen.

Image above: Soft lavender in Molly and Robert Josiah Bingaman’s home.

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Image above: A purple ceiling adds an unexpected jolt of color in Jay and Sarah Sandidge’s home.

Image above: An eggplant mantle in Megan Price’s home.

Image above: Plum walls add an air of femininity to Si Mazouz daughter’s bedroom without being too girly.

Image above: Another purple wall for another daughter! This time in Merav Sade’s home.

Image above: A very cozy looking grape hued couch in this Brazilian home.

Image above: I love the dark romantic vibe of the walls in Bellocq’s tea house.

Image above: In one of my favorite Sneak Peek photographs ever, the luscious purple silk pouf is a lovely contrast against the pale patterns and textures elsewhere in Paula Kilpatrick’s Australian home.

Image above: More purple in Lella and Julio’s Brazilian home.

Image above: Great use of color blocking with the purple closet and blue chair in Isabelle Rivoire-Grange’s home.

Image above: Another shade of purple in Megan Price’s home.

Image above: Various shades of pale lavender blend well in Leah Goren’s colorful Brooklyn apartment.

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