Nicholas Newcomb

by Grace Bonney

I had the pleasure of meeting artist and designer Nicholas Newcomb over dinner a few weeks ago. Having already browsed his work online, I was excited to put a face to a name and ask him a few questions about his process and inspirations. I was delighted to find that we shared so many of the same thoughts about current ceramic trends, movements and an enthusiasm for what is possible when artists band together to share space and collaborate. Our talk made me excited to go back home and write a post on Nick’s work, which is so simple and beautiful. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Nick found early inspiration in his natural surroundings, but grew to find he fed as much off of his new urban environment (in Brooklyn) as much as his more rural roots. In addition to showing at a wide range of galleries and museums, Nick sells his handmade ceramics online through his website. I’m a huge fan of the Chatham Collection, but each series is beautiful in its own right. Nick’s is the sort of work that I always think is worth investing in- something classic and simple with a twist. If you’re interesting in reading more about his work or placing an order, click here to check out Nick’s site and contact him online. xo, grace


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