H&M’s Copper Candle Holders + New Home Line

by Maxwell Tielman


Okay, can we talk about the new H&M home line for a second? Because, real talk, that stuff is cute. And not like, “I’m not suuuper into this, but it was $5” kind of cute. Like, actually cute. REALLY cute. So cute that I’m tempted to buy the entire line and outfit my whole house in it.

I’ll be honest—H&M has always been a bit of a convenience shop for me (I’ll buy essentials there, but no stand-out pieces), so I was a little bit apprehensive when there began whisperings of a soon-to-be home line from the Swedish discount clothing retailer. I’m not sure what I envisioned exactly, but it was likely something along the lines of flimsy materials, garish colors, and throw-away accessories, all sold for well below the expected cost. Of all of these things, however, the H&M home collection is just one: DIRT CHEAP. The items for sale, though, are fabulous.

Take their copper-colored metal candle holder, for instance. The last thing my boyfriend and I needed was one more candle holder (we literally have an entire drawer in our apartment devoted to them), but how could we resist this one? With its understated, slightly geometric form and its fantastic industrial material, it fits perfectly into our new kitchen. And at $7.95 a piece? We’ll take two, please! Check out more photos of the candle holder (I’m a lot-a-bit obsessed) and some more products from the H&M Home line after the jump! —Max

hmcandlesticks_2 hmcandlesticks_3


Above image: Linen Tea Towel, $9.95


Above image: Glass Vase, $7.95


Above image: Duvet Cover Set, $24.99


1. Candle, $5.95 | 2. Cushion Cover, $14.95 | 3. Moss-knit Blanket, $79.95 | 4. Glass Vase, $7.95 | 5. Copper Candle Holder, $7.95

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  • wowowowowow. i’m in love. the prices are amazing, and this is just what i’m looking for to use in my home. it’s fashion-forward and trendy, but still has a classic look so that i don’t have to worry about getting tired of it after two months. i know where my next paycheck is going ! ha ! thanks for sharing this.

  • I discovered it the other day and had to order some things because I LOOOVED everything I saw. Does anyone know if they carry the items in store also? Unfortunately I don’t have a store close to me, but I’m traveling next month and want to get some goodies if they do!

  • That b&w jacquard cover has been on just about every blog this side of the internet by now, and it’s been sold out for a couple of weeks. The best part is, it was sold out, then back in stock, I ordered it, and then six days later they e-mailed to tell me they were just kidding, it’s still out of stock. So… nobody get too excited.

  • @Jennifer I. I’m pretty sure none of the U.S. stores have the home line…not sure about the ones overseas. Kind of a bummer!

  • I saw the line on their website the other day and i fell in love with lots of their home decor my only thing is… does any one know what the quality is like on things like bedding or throw pillows? Clearly its not going to be super amazing but anyone have a clue if in person they look like its made decent?

  • I ordered a cushion cover that was on sale for $5 last week – it’s a golden yellow “velvet.” It’s much larger than I expected and not terrible quality – it will look nice on my sofa, but will likely not hold up for very long. It seems really thin, like it might wear through quickly. But for $5, I don’t even care because the color is awesome.

  • I just blogged about H&M yesterday. Great decor options for people with a limited budget. I posted a living room mood board with a cost of less than $1,000 (furniture included). H&M helps make it possible to live stylishly on the cheap!

  • Wondering how much you had to grovel to get permission to use that photo (of the candles on the cooker) before the big kitchen reveal, Max?!

  • If you do go to the H&M website, everyone, you may as well peruse the David Beckham Bodywear collection while you’re there. Worth a look.

  • Ok, so which friendly American wants to get me the things I want and then send it to New Zealand?? ;) IN LOVE with this stuff and at a price I can actually afford!