Ferme a Papier

by Grace Bonney

For the past few years, I’ve built some serious street cred as a major card hoarder. I had boxes upon boxes of cards- all for different occasions- stored in the office. From colorful birthday cards and thank yous to wildly patterned love cards and “just because” notes, I was ready– on the off chance that cards became useful currency in some sort of major disaster or zombie apocalypse. But this spring I moved and decided to purge my card collection, giving them away to friends, co-workers and anyone who could use a cute card for a special occasion. While I miss the stacks, something about mentally de-cluttering a bit was so helpful. It’s with that spirit that I will be window shopping the heck out of these gorgeous leather block cards from Ferme a Papier by Cat Seto.

Cat has always designed gorgeous stationery, but these minimalist designs are right up my alley. Bits of leather detailing combined with stripes? It satisfies every craving of my inner minimalist and prep. Cat sells her full range of cards right here online for $4.50 each. xo, grace

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  • Love these leather-like cards. I’ve been eyeing them for a while. I’m just nervous that I would buy them and want to keep the for myself- I might never give them away! ;)

  • Wow, these are stunning. I agree with Erin above- it might be tempting to just keep these on a shelf as beautiful props! Ha! In all seriousness though, beautiful paper goods like this are so delightful to come across, and serve as proof that the arts of letter-writing and card-sending are alive and well.